Can Plaquenil Panic Attacks?

Hi, it's me again, with questions about the big "P."

For the last week or so, I have been having what I would describe as panic attacks. I have had these in the past, but very rarely.

Within the last 5 days or so I have had multiple events. I start to feel hot and cold waves and then feel like I am going to faint, and then I just feel weird, like I am coming out of a dream. It is a very scary and unpleasant sensation ! I have been able to manage by deep, slow breathing and occasionally taking xanax, but this has got to stop ! Life is hard enough being in pain, but to feel emotionally wacked out along with it is just too much.

I have read that Plaquenil can cause emotional swings and depression. I have had mild depression for years and am currently on citalopram 20 mg per day.

Have any of you had panic attacks on Plaquenil ?I have been on it since June 28.

I just took my morning dose and wonder if I should stop taking it. It is the weekend and I suppose I could call my doc and ask, but I have never tried calling him on the weekend. I see him next Thursday.

Thoughts ?

Call him, this can be handled over the phone. Also check your BP if you can. Sometimes just a lower BP can cause your problems.

Definitely call your doctor to ask, this is perfect for a weekend call, that’s what they’re there for. I got anxiety attacks due to prednisone, and my doc helped right away with another RX since I couldn’t stop the pred. Such a relief.

Yes, it was awful. My friends could see I was overreacting to situations, but I still felt so out of control. A big relief when it stopped. Glad you’re seeing your doc on Thursday, I hope you bring it up. (my RX was Atavan, I only took it a few times, you only take it when the anxiety starts)

Curious that your doctor’s office didn’t give a pager number for weekend questions! Can you also ask him/her for their weekend pager?