Brain Fog getting me in trouble

I have had brain fog off and on for several years, been told it is caused by FM but a lot of autoimmune diseases have it. Guess it might be from inflammation, and blood flow to the brain, seems to be also tied to blurred vision and fatigue.
So I got in trouble with my mother, she is 90, but still active, her computer got ransomware, thry wanted $300 to unlock it, she refused… I had to wipe the hard drive and reload it to factory settings, when I shipped it to her, I had brain fog and didn’t write her name on it, or include the apartment number! She had to do some fast talking at the Post office to get it. I explained to my 90 year old mother that it was brain fog, she said, “I get that too” yes Mom, but you are 90!

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If it’s any consolation I’ve always been like that. Except I wouldn’t know how to wipe a hard drive etc.

Do you have dry eye? My eyes aren’t red or sore but my optician noted that the liquid in the eye is short of the watery stuff. Which leaves too much of the oily stuff in the mix, hence blurred vision at times. There are OTC products which you could try. In the UK they’re are 2 called Viscotears and Gel Tears. Occasionally the blurring has been so bad I thought my sight was failing but these put things straight again.

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It’s a definite for me too and drives me nuts as well. But it comes and goes thankfully. Was certainly made worse by mxt but thankfully not by sulfasalazine.

Same here. MTX was awful for me with brain fog. It was affecting my work. I write software so it’s pretty critical that I have a clear head. I’m now taking sulfasalazine and it does not seem to be having that affect.



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I write binding decisions for a living. Couldn’t operate at all on mxt. But can on sulfasalazine.

I first noticed it in 2004, I had just finished a construction job, and couldn’t remember the 4 digit budget code that I had used for 2 years. Names and numbers, and then you forget a name of a close friend, then the panic comes in… It comes and goes for me too, I have had dry scratchy eyes, my eye doctor just gave me eye drops. I think the blurred vision is more from the brain then the eyes. A funny story, I was doing a liver cleanse, so I set him up on it, he was on it for 5 days, and went into a store, his eyes were blurry, he took off his glasses and he had perfect vision! After he went off the diet, his eyes went blurry and he put his glasses back on.
MTX doesn’t effect the brain fog or me, but I went through the different drugs Gabapentin, Lyrica, and Cymbalta, I had to stop because of awful brain fog and blurred vision.

I certainly get brain fog. i’ll be on the phone or talking in a group and just lose my thread. or trying to think of words and they just dont come. Not snappy and sharp any more. I can think of it later. and i can write complex code so im not losing my marbles. Learning new things can be tough. i get annoyed at myself not picking up when someone is explaining it to me.

I read somewhere that they have a special CT of the brain to image blood flow, to study cognitive dysfunction.
It really is frustrating, I just tell people I am having a brain fart. :smirk:

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I’m smiling at your 90 year old mum with a computer. Mind you, my 80 year old mum wants 'one if those electric boxes that talks to you and tells you all sorts of interesting things". We gathered she’d seen an Amazon advert.


My Mother told me “Amazon took her Prime money” she lost her password and email, they told her she would have to pay for another account, so now she is mad at them…

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Brain fog is soooooo embarrassing. If I couldn’t walk people would understand more(not that I want that). But I can walk, sometimes very unstably(not a real word) but …
Oh yea, brain fog is so embarrassing

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Yes, I know the feeling…

At my diagnosis of PsA I had horrendous brain fog. insomnia, 2 am night waking and swellings, pain etc. I have always tried to look for alternative routes for medication, stress relief and pain management. The first thing that was suggested was to get my Vitamin D3 levels checked. I fell into the category of deficient (below 25). I was advised by a homeopath to take 5000ui of D3 to boost me to a level that would get it back on track although the Doctor advised 1000ui. So off to Amazon I went. Within a matter of 2 weeks I felt a huge difference and now am back to normal (ish) brain function. I still cant find the envelope with birthday money in I put “somewhere safe”. I am now over a year down the line and have full cognative function back and reduced symptoms of PsA. The worst thing was loosing words in the middle of a sentence and having no recollection of where I had put things.

I still take D3 and make sure I get Omega 3 as well for my joints.

I do believe stress and depression are the causes of many auto-immune diseases but it is how they are treated and managed that give results or not.

Depression manifests in the brain or the stomach as leaky gut. Both we rely upon to keep us healthy as when it goes out of balance these horrendous conditions prey on our daily lives.

If I were a burglar I’d shake all your books.

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