Bit Stunned!

I've just recieved notice that I will be required to change onto a rotational work contract. This will mean I will have to travel an hour to a new Unit and an hour home after my 12 hour shift! I stuggle to complete a 12 hour day and drive the 5 minutes home, stiff and sore. The notice says that all staff will be expected to rotate for 6 month stints and there are no staff with any disability that would exclude them......................well looks like we NHS staff have been sold down the river yet again! .............. so glad I work in the caring professsion!

That totally sucks! Are they allowed to discount peoples disabilities like that? Are there advocates in HR you can speak to??

Most of the HR is out sourced to a private company now and don’t even give us the time of day. I will speak to the Dr in the occupational Health Dept at work and see what he says, and as I belong to a union try and get them on board…I’m gutted! I love the work and the patients… I’m gonna fight it, but you’re right it really sucks! Thanks for your comment, just needed a bit of a hug x

I completely understand. I left floor nursing to get out of 12 hour shifts but the demands on the desk job folks are seeming just as bad if not worse. I commute an hour each way to do 5-8 hr shifts a week. I choose to do this but the additional stress on top of it has led me to steroids 7 times in the last year :frowning: Spoke with my doc about disability or restrictions and was told i’m not ready for disability and restrictions will only lead the employer to find other reasons to get rid of you. Rock and a hard place as nursing is simply not a great career for our diagnosis. Financially I cannot do much else either though. I completely understand Louise. Hugs all around. :frowning:

Oh that’s so true, rock and a hard place! I already get up at 5.30am to be at work for 7 so I’ll be up even earlier. I have already cut my shift by an hour from July as the last hour just killed me…but as you say don’t want to rock the boat too much otherwise its down the road of not fulfilling your contract. Thanks for the hugs, much apprieciated, and straight back at you, hope you have a good day x

Louise, I’m so sorry to hear they’ve done this to you. Something similar happened to me (I’ll spare you the details) and I did the following:

  1. involved my union immediately
  2. consulted my specialist, who hit the roof and wrote the employer a letter which, basically, said “This woman has a disability and needs a modified work environment, and if you don’t give it to her, I’ll take it further.”
  3. made it clear to my manager what accommodations I needed
    Of course, nothing could be done, until they realized that they were headed down the road to a legal hearing. Then, all of a sudden, they came up with a solution.
    Before the solution could be implemented, I applied for – and got – the best job EVER. He he he.
    Do go through your NHS occupational health consultant. That’s his/her job.

Thanks Seenie, Iwe had a meeting today with maagement who basically told us you will go wgere we want or you will be redeployed elaswhere. Our union rep was there and was very vocal in our favour. I have an appointment with the Occi Health dr next week and my Rheumatology consultant in the beginning of November so I will get what supportt I can. My line manager has been quite supportive all along and he did appologise about the upper management stance. And to cap it all I was told I was a trouble maker, which cheered me up no end! I’m soon to be 50 and I’m now becoming militant lol I had to laugh :slight_smile: thanks for the advice x

As the saying goes, well-behaved women seldom make history.

I’d take the “trouble maker” comment up as a compliment! LOL

I did! It honestly cheered me up …especially as I used to be a mouse :slight_smile:

Our official TROUBLE MAKER Louise!

I'd drink to that if I could!

Sorry, ad PsA humor there.........

Lol I like that Michael…I’d drink to it too, if only. :slight_smile:

Ok. Yesterday was a rough day for me…pain levels were high, management sucked, but you guys we’re there. Thanks :slight_smile:
Today, I told work I’m taking tomorrow off cos my SI joints are so bad its too painful to stand. Out of all the joints that flare that and my hands are the worst to work with. I’m having a me day tomorrow cos I need it

I like you too Louise.

I had to leave my nursing job this past May after 38 years of nursing so I know all to well of what you speak.

I just got back from a swim, hot tub and trip to Macy's where I found some cute PJs and perfume which I received a gift with purchase! Such a good "me" day I hate to see it end. Treat yourself Louise, life is short. By the way I am a female Michael.

Yes I remember…you had a conversation with someone else who was female who had, what is tranditionally thought of as a male name…but I can’t remember who :slight_smile:
When I told my boyfriend I’m not working today, he was relieved as he knows I’ve been struggling over the last few weeks with SI pain and have had to continually wear my TENS through work shifts. He’s booked a weekend break so, as he puts it, “you get total rest and relaxation” So looks I’m going to be spoilt rotten!

Yes I remember-her name was Ollie I think.

Enjoy being spoiled, you deserve it!

hello again, update on the situation is that the unions are on board for all staff with difficulty in travelling, although management still refuse to accept that some staff may not be able to cope with the proposed rotational shift........we will be made to jump through hoops to prove we are unable to cope, and therefore may well prove to management that we can't fullfil our contractual obligations and be dismissed from post!!!!??? . It seems that the Consultant Rheumatologists observation of my condition is not acceptable " able to work in her present clinical area, when stable, with some considerations" Ho Hum :)

Some good news!
Today I was required by the management to attend an appointment with the Occupational Health Consultant with a view to proving I was fit or unfit to go on a rotational contract.

After examining me, reading my last clinic letter from rheumatology and extensive questioning. He stated that as I’m in a bad flare he is going to recommend I am excluded from rotation on medical grounds. Also this is my first day sick from work during this current flare, he has suggested I stay off for a minimum of 6 weeks and, he stressed, only return to work if I am completely sure I will not be putting my health at further risk.
He said he was impressed at my lack of sickness with the severity of the disease status and congratulated me on the steps I’ve taken to keep myself at work!!! Someone pinch me!
Honestly, I had to stop myself flinging my arms round his neck and blubbing in gratitude lol

Congratulations Louise! I am so glad for you. Now you have the validation you so needed! I am very glad. You go girl!

Thanks Michael, I can’t tell you the relief I feel :slight_smile: he can only exempt me for a 6 month period as the trust management will question a longer time frame but he assured me just the extra travelling involved will not be good for my joints whether I’m in a flare or not, so he will keep renewing the exemption…after driving to the appointment and back today (40 mins each way) has left my lower back/bottom very painful, but it was certainly worth it
Thank you for your care and support over the last few days, it has meant so much to me my friend x

My pleasure Louise. Feeling good for a friend is almost as good as feeling good myself. Notice I said almost! I'll make some mousie heads for you....<3,<3,<3.....<3,<3<3.......!!