Ok, I'm asked to agree to giving a blood sample for DNA by one of the worlds most renown clinics. Its called the "biobank" used for research.While they offer two free blankets embossed with thier logo no less *laughs* they can not guarantee the DNA data will not be leaked to private sources. They cite federal law does not allow that, but still concedes the private sector can/may obatain the data.

My thoughts are to decline, while I am a bachelor with no children I have to consider any family members future whom are connected via DNA. With the advent of of DNA hiring practices I would hate to destroy someones future down the line.

I would like some opinions on my choice to decline. I understand the importance of research, however given the lack of protecting their data and my DNA I have serious concerns and total lack of trust.

Thoughts anyone?

I am in agreement with you, sadly. Your own medical/DNA history should always be private. For them to warn you that someone might be able to access it is not good. Why don't they have adequate computer security on their files? No excuse whatever. And who knows how the info could be used against YOU in the future, such as being denied health or life insurance or a job...Sadly, I do concur with your decision.

Yep I agree with you too, I would in your possition, if DNA data was secure that’s one thing but who knows how it could be used!
My other thought is at least they warned you that it may not be secure so you can make a more informed choice

Well, it's not cool to do something in order to help with research and risk losing your medical privacy in return. Heck, no!

lastshooter said:

Thanks Petunia and yes it is a sad situation. I feel its more than computer security issues. All it takes is one human on the take to compromise the data not jus once but continuously. A data base such as that would be worth millions to the private sector.