Best Friend's son's wedding

Its Friday afternoon and I write with many happy thoughts. Ive just been with my son to visit my Mum and go to a wedding reception of the son of one of my best friends. dan and Laure's wedding was beautiful and for me a joy. I was able to drive there, about 2oo miles, and just dance and chat. My lovely friend's dad was a my own wedding photographer- 21 years ago and he was in a state of shock all night, taking photos of me and staring. Its because, after 20 years of Psa and taking medication , being bloated, stiff and ill, I look like I did 21 years ago. Im 47.In 5 months of following some very strict principles, basically paleo with low carb, high fat, gluetn free with input from many many sources - I look a differnt person- or in fact the person I was . to get confirmation from these folk , my mum and aunty too, was so wonderful xxx Thank you for the great happy social event, and being able to dance and not be tired at all - how good is that. Just driven back to Devon, 4 hours in the car , still totally free. that would have killed me before. It is possible if you are prepared to work things out and stick to it - which after 20 years of suffering, and looking awful, is absolutely a joy xx