Beginning first round of MxT

Wondering if there is any suggestions to a caregiver of a MxT user. Morgan (15) will start the first pill tomorrow. Any info will help. Thx Michelle

Welcome to the group! What a smart move, for you to join as well! You can read through some of the other posts, including ones that your daughter has posted regarding the start of MTX. The forums are searchable if you go to the main discussion page. The main thing is that she should make sure that she is drinking plenty of water, and taking whatever rest she might need. She's being started on a low dose and working up from there?

My impression from being part of this group is that many people have no ill effects, other than fatigue, especially in the day following taking the meds. For those who the medicine works well, but there are side effects such as nausea, she can be switched over to injections at a certain point.

If you haven't already spoken with her doctor about folic acid, do so. She should be taking prescription strength folic acid, and that will help out with many side effects.

The final thing is that it takes time for the meds to work. So patience is needed.

I second Stoney’s comments, and I’d also add that Morgan should be drinking lots of water. Many people find that staying well-hydrated helps with the side effects. Just in case, have an over-the-counter seasickness medication handy.
She should also be prepared that she may feel nothing. Absolutely nothing. That would be the best of all!
And it will be WEEKS before any improvements happen, if they happen at all. And if MTX doesn’t help, she’s still one experiment closer to finding what helps.
Good luck tomorrow!