Fatigue, eating etc..new to this!

OK..so I have taken two doses of MX. The first time I was wiped out for the whole next day napping and then needed to go to bed early each night. I did not want to take my next dose but I did and to my surprise, I felt ok the next day...until three days later when I could barely keep my eyes open and had to take a nap during the work day. This is so not me. I am an active on the go type person, being forced to be a couch potato stinks. I called my DR and she suggested decreasing my dose to 4 pills this week..I was supposed to go from 5 to 6 pills this week. She also said this may not be the med for me, but I have to wait till my next appt 6/20 to see. I am bigger than this disease and this medicine but today I did not feel strong at all. I am finding it difficult not knowing what each day brings...which joint will hurts the most, how tired will I be, if at all. I am also finding that eating a whole meal is difficult, I tend not to feel well after, has anyone experienced this? I am so glad I found this site as it helps knowing that others are experiencing the same things as me.

As time goes on, hopefully, things should improve and as your body gets use to this med. The side effects should become less and less as time goes on. Not always the case but mostly. Are you taking Folic Acid as well and if not you might want to ask about whether you should or not. The Folic Acid helps prevent some of the side effects especially nausea. I was told not to take it on my Mtx day. Always best to discuss every supplement with your doctor/s and the correct dosage for you.

Yes, I do take Folic Acid daily. Thanks for the input

I have exactly the same thing going on. The nausea does get better with time. I've been on Mx for over a year. I'm up to 8 tabs a week and they don't make me any sicker that the 4 used to. I do eat less, but don't seem to loose any weight. I'm tired most of the time, although I do have a day now and then when I don't feel so tired. I find I try to do everything I can on those days, might be why I am so tired the day after. :) I'm flaring right now ant the Mx is not really helping with that. I go to see Rhumy at end of week to see about adding another med. It seems like I hurt all the time, just sometimes here and sometimes there. It's kinda like a game....so which joint will be swollen and hurting today.....

All I can say is hang in there. I know there are lots of people who have found the correct drug for them. I'm sure we will too.