Been in bed 6 days, need advice to get better for Remicade treatment next week

Started out with no energy and sleeping all day. Now I have a cold and sound and feel terrible. It's been 6 days and I'm hoping to start my new Remicade treatment next Wednesday.

Any advice on speeding up my recovery? Taking Vitamin C and B6, B12.

thanks for all your ideas.



Just sending my best wishes. You can increase your Vit D as well. I often find that using a product like Airborne works well to get me over the hump.

I am sorry you are feeling so poorly Frances. I usually take a multi vit and vitamin water when I feel something coming on though it is hard to tell as sometimes I get chills, body aches and runny nose when the inflammation is high such as in a flair. I am not sure it does anything except make my urine very rich in vitamins and minerals! But then at least I feel like I am doing something. I also increase hand washing and wiping surfaces. I figure if it is a flair and not a cold I might be more at risk for catching something. I hope you feel better soon. My Rheumy gives me the Remicade if I have symptoms of a URI as long as I do not have a fever. Good luck!

Call the doc or the triage nurse at the office. They can tell you if Dr. M will give the remicade anyway. It might ease your mind some.
Rest, vitamins, chicken noodle soup, and patience are the only suggestions I have. I am sending you positive thoughts and energy too.
It will get better, Frances. I know it has been a real trial for you lately, but it does get better.