Back in Black

I am not a flowery, girly girl. Never was, just a tomboy who never fully grew out of it. As a matter of fact back in the day BK (before kids) I was badass. My color was black. Then PSA added insult to injury with attacking my scalp that no matter what I did looked like I had constant snow falling on my shoulders. Had to switch my look to…prints. With 3 quarter or long sleeves to cover my arms. Oh the injustice of it all.

Next thing I know I was driving a minivan. It was easy to get in and out of, roomy, and now fit the “mommy lifestyle”. The jokes just kept coming from this who knew me well. The download spiral just continued as the years went by. You all know the drill.

THEN the magic of biologics happened! My scalp was the best it was in years. I was able to walk most days. The brain fog lessened and I could have actual adult conversations. Sold the minivan and got a RAV4. I dared to go shopping. Bought some solid colored blouses, and a badass leather jacket, in BLACK. It was a little thing that brought me back just a little to who I was before this took hold. It was a hard won victory.

Now my company holiday party is approaching. Guess what? PSA said, “I’ve been easy on you lately”. I had to change my meds, which of course means flares. Knee is so swollen and painful I have considered cutting my leg off. PSA sores are bleeding. And I need a dress. Can’t get by with something stylish with pants - it’s a big to do, my first one at this company. I have a very decent job (for which I am thankful), but now requires me to dress like a grown up.

So now I am looking for something with long sleeves or a jacket, below the knee. But I don’t care if I have to do every home remedy, light a candle, kill a chicken, sacrifice a virgin (well, maybe not the last one), but I will be wearing black. Sometimes it’s the little things that keep us sane.

I’m with you on the black, Candi! Can’t wait to hear what you get … how about a pic?

Will do Seenie. Was going to head out today, but PSA said, not so much!

That’s what online shopping is for!

Try out Lands End. It's not a huge selection, but I've really liked their stuff, and they have festive pull over type dresses.

There is an one-line boutique called Southern Woman's Swank .. it has some awesome stuff that can keep you back in black or let you knock em dead with the most awesome cheeky prints imaginable. They have a lot of three quarters length and just right fabrics for your sore bod.

She carries some really kickin' shoes and boots as well. Good luck and BRING IT girl!!!