Back and chest pain

Hi, all. My fiancé is 27 and was dx with psa at 14. He is on Leflunomide daily and celebrex as needed. He’s good about exercising, but has trouble doing that in a flare up. His upper back, along the spine and his sternum are usually the worst. He hurts to breathe. He moans in pain in his sleep, and it’s killing me not being able to help. I talked to my physical therapist who suggested an herbal supplement and a cream which do offer some temporary relief.

Anyone have tips for managing the back and sternum?

Thanks a lot!

Hi hmorway!

Welcome to the group, although I have not taken Avara or Celebrex, I understand back and rib pain, my GP has had to give me a shot of Demerol in the sternum area at one time, that surely calmed things down. Chiropractic adjustment is very helpful to me, but may require x-rays before one would treat him, which is just routine. I know my mid back is out of alignment now causing me grief in that area.

Is he seeing a Rheumatologist? I'm surprised he is not on a biologic, but there could be reasons unknown to me. Perhaps you could go to the Doctor with him and ask if there is something that could give him some relief.

Hope this helps, your fiance is fortunate to have your care and support.

Best to you both,


Hi...He shouldn't be exercising while in a flare..Sorry about his diagnose so young..I don't know about herbal supplements, or creams. I have BIOFREEZE which temporary helps with pain. I would have him tell his primary care doctor, or his rhuemmy, to have this checked out, to be safe