Anything but dogs

For anyone who loves the idea of sharing pet pics but doesn’t have a dog, please share here. I’m a cat owner but a longtime pet lover so would love to see your pics.


Are pet rocks included?


Maybe. Let’s see what people think

I hope this picture of Storm shows up. The best cat ever.


@Amos pet rocks eh? Well, they aren’t very demanding, so there’s that much going for them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
This is BearCat chillin’ with me one day long ago. Sadly I don’t have him now. He was 13 years old and so so sick with no chance of recovery that we had to put him down. I was a SERIOUS mess when we took him to the vet to send him off to kitty heaven, to the point that the vet clinic sent me a sympathy card!

He really missed us when we took a trip

Later we adopted Ike, an outrageously cute old man. Also gone now. My husband wants another but I just can’t face putting one down again. :cry:

But a neighborhood kitty (we call him Snowcat) comes over to visit frequently.
And lay in the flowerbeds.
And hunt the birds. :confused:

It was kind of you to be reading a good western to your cat!