Anyone split the dose of Methotrexate?

although it is not working for me at the moment I am still on Methotrexate and Sulfazaline. (waiting to go on Humira) I hate the MTX it makes me sick as soon as it hits the stomach, I started splitting it 5 before I have tea (dinner if your posh) and 5 before bed. Does anyone split it any longer than that? When I am in bed I can feel the c**p sitting at the top of my stomach and also I sleep like the dead that night and that frightens me!

Hi there, yes I used to split the dose of my methatrexate and it certainly helped. Oh gosh I know exactly how you feel with that feeling when it hits your stomach!! Yeugh!! After being on it for 8 years I’ve just switched to humira. Much happier. Although joint pain not great and put on weight And sooooo tired!! No psorisis though!! Yay!!!x

I have similar problems with MTX. I don't know if I am going to be able to tolerate it over the long haul. I don't have nausea or stomach issues like you describe, but the fatigue is incredible. I take six pills on Friday evening, and on Saturday and Sunday I'm a complete slug. I've been taking it for ten weeks--don't know whether to expect this to improve over time or not. I also sleep a lot over the weekend after the Friday dose. It's just not working for my busy life to lose two days out of every week. I still have psoriasis and the joints show some improvement, but nothing dramatic so far.

I asked my rheumy about splitting doses and she told me not to do that, but she didn't give a reason. Personally, I would think it would help for stomach issues. Maybe she didn't think that would help with fatigue and drowsiness that I reported to her.

I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time with this med, and hope you get relief soon! Keep us posted!

Hi all! I’ve been on MTX for about 3 years and simultaneously on Humira, then Remicade. I was on pills for the first year and hated it, it made me very sick and tore up my stomach but obviously helped my joints. I always took them before bed and slept it off. I got so fed up with being sick that I asked to switch to the injections, and they are soooo much better! I still split the dose, take one injection on Mondays, then a second on Tuesdays. My doc said splitting it up any more than this causes much more liver toxicity. My old doc had me splitting them mon/thurs but apparently it’s harder on your liver.

I would really recommend asking about the injections, if you don’t mind a small poke. Its a much smaller needle than say Enbrel or Humira, and the medicine does not sting like some of the others. Also, it’s very important to stay well hydrated on MTX, I always ‘prepare’ for it with a lot of good fluids and electrolytes and that helps reduce side effects.

I went to see A different rhuemy on Tuesday and mentioned about splitting the dose, she said there was not problem splitting it. I was splitting it about 6 hours apart, I asked how long apart you could split it and she said up to 24 hours so this week I took 5 b4 work and five after tea. I had more nausea during the day but slept better at night and did not have that awful fog the next day. They are going to put me on the injectable methotrexate so am waiting for the delivery of that an a visit for healthcare at home.

I declined the Humira, Typical, on Tuesday I only had one swollen joint although lots of tender ones, (but had had a shot of steriod 4 weeks ago and they said that was probably why). So as I am still in denial I decided not to go with the Humira at this point although they said I still qualified for it.

However, its now Sunday and I am beginning to regret that decision! hands and wrist is sore and my foot as well. Now I have to make another appointment with the rheumy podiatrist! good job work is understanding with the time off although it still eats into my time at work which I have to make up.