Anyone have feet like this?!

My right foot has developed a large hump on the top pulling the toes in and is actually a full size smaller than the left. I have enthesitis but have not seen a foot like this with PSA.

Hello Boston-Betty. Are we talking bunions? Or rather one bunion? I had a whopper which was surgically fixed 5 years ago. The question of whether or not bunions can be caused by PsA (they can also be caused by other things such as ‘pronation’ - where the feet tend to roll inwards) does come up from time to time.

I’ve recently had my first appointment with a new rheumy after moving to a new area. She asked if my last rheumatologist thought my bunion had been caused by PsA. I said I thought he accepted that it probably was, he did list it with my other main PsA symptoms on letters. And although she didn’t say that was the case for definite, it’s not there to examine anymore, she too seemed to think it was relevant to PsA at the very least.

When I had surgery the surgeon had hoped to keep the tendon but remarked that it was useless & had to go in the bin. I have lax joints, hypermobility I guess, and I think this may contribute to pronation, bunions, enthesitis … the lot! And quite a few of us here have hypermobility to some extent. I wanted to simply say ‘yes, probably PsA!’ to you, but it so often gets more complicated!

Anyway, I think feet with PsA probably run the gamut of foot problems, don’t know if mine are typical but they’re a right mess. Is the lump painful?