There are quite a few pics of peoples' feet in the photo section. Something that strikes me is that quite a few people have toes like mine - kind of curled under and plump at the top. I'm not talking about hammertoes, I have a couple of them too, or about obvious dactylitis but just toes that have long been as I describe.

From my teens onwards my feet just got more and more distorted all over & the pudgy toes do not match the rest of me. What I'm wondering is, might this be something to do with PsA? I did have a possible PsA episode at 16 so it's likely that it sabotaged my feet around then. I've not had a big problem with pain generally speaking so really anything could have been happening.

Does anyone else think that PsA has left its mark like this?

Its not necessarily PsA. I can't find the article but I will. Its selective adaptation. It can happen with in a generation, it can actually happen during the teen years. The study I have shows changes in toes butts and hips of young woman during the teen years particularly those involved in athletics.(You'll notice their hips broaden out long before the pregnancy hormones do it.) Back in the day of real ground pounders in the military the shape of these guys feet and toes wold change during basic training. Rarely did the boots issued during basic training make it through AIT. When I was I medic I did a lot of "inspecting" of feet. looking for those changes. Here is one article (not the one I was looking for.

You know as I think about it, that could be a cool study... Perhaps yopu are on to something. perhaps PsA patients feet adapt to help us cope with PsA. Those toes moving from aristocratic to pudgy could be predicitve of something..............

if you want a laugh the ad box on this page is suddenly showing a "cure" for foot neuropathy including a picture of 'toes" I was looking for the study in pub med rather than cleaning my desk.... Google is truly scary.