Anyone have any success going off biologic and trying natural remedies?

Hi. I am so sick of being sick. I was on enbrel for 4 years with good success and after hysterectomy had to go to humira. Humira made me sick so I decided to go off of it. It’s been a couple months now and I’m doing ok. I believe it’s mostly due to moving to the desert. I still have flares and my skin isn’t great but I’m hoping that with time, diet, and sunshine it goes away. Biologics scare me but so does the crippling pain that comes with PSA. Still not able to hold down a job and am depressed. It would be nice if people understand that one day I can kick Butt then I’m down for long periods of time. Anyways just wondering what may have helped others or will I be stuck with ending up having to take biologics. Have a happy day yall.

Hello there!

Living in the desert sounds like fun! But then I’m in the UK and we don’t have one.

My only comment would be that there’s more to PsA than crippling pain. There’s crippling joint damage too. I’d like to get off the drugs, I’m no pill popper. But … and it is such a big BUT, we have plenty of members here who are disabled by PsA. I have minor disabilities, hardly worthy of that term, just that I’m not as able or as comfortable in my own body as I believe I would be if I didn’t have PsA. It’s a joint-eater and I’m glad I’m on biologics as they are the only treatment proven to slow that process.

Sorry, I just can’t endorse natural remedies as the only line of attack, even if they help with surface symptoms, I’m all too aware of what PsA can do.


I’m scared of biologics too, and all the nasty side effects but I have to agree with Sybil, it those drugs do seem to be a good weapon in the fight against PsA.

I think that the sunshine, diet etc may really help with overall well-being and even your skin, but the joints are likely to need a lot more help. It is much better to prevent the damage than learn to live with the disability.

I am so sorry that you are depressed too. That is really hard and I think the sunshine will be good for that!

It does seem to be be a very hard disease for others to understand. You are kicking butt though, even when you are feeling down. You are amazing - you’ve already stuck with biologics for all that time and will have prevented lots of damage by being on them.

How long ago was your hysterectomy? I really struggled emotionally after mine - so I wonder if that could be contributing to how you are feeling too?

You will get through this, we all will. We can keep on fighting together.


Hi Jojobug–I love the name!!! :grinning:

Yes, the thought of having to take biologics as the only way to feel good isn’t exactly what any of us would “enjoy”. I, like Sybil, am not a pill popper–I keep pills to the minimum. When I had to suck it up and agree to take a biologic, it was probably one of the most difficult decisions I ever made. The pain and the thought of being disabled–especially if I didn’t do what I needed to do to stop the damage from PsA–made me realize it was the only choice I had.

I had, and I think most people here, have tried some of the natural “remedies”–there are people who swear by them (not here so much). I think it’s impossible to eat enough cinnamon or turmeric or apply essential oils to stop the disease from wrecking your body.

I KNOW Enbrel is working for me…it’s made a huge difference in my life and outlook. It’s sad when I hear of people like you who had success for awhile and then the biologics stopped working. I hope you do find something that works for you–it is very depressing to experience the crippling pain and not know which way to turn.

There are happier days ahead! We are here to support you!

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