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Seems every time I see my doctor something new comes up. Still no explanation for my weight issues and my BP is dropping again. And now I have an unknown fever. Not sure if this is from the PsA, the FM or something else totally. Any ideas?

There will always be something coming up. The basic answer to your question is what difference does it make?

You can simply cause your self more heartache, grief and difficulties by worrying this thing than you can imagine. You have only three things you can do - take your meds as prescribed, exercise, and live a healthy life style (including diet) Those who do that and concentrate on the next day do well (realtivley) Those who medicalize, worry every symptom do not.

You have an inflammatory autoimmune disease which mean pretty much everything is at risk.You can spend a portion of everyday working on you list of the days symptoms,wondering if you can treat the problem of they day and you will get NO WHERE. You can make yourself more miserable.

Concentrate on the things you and do, and outcomes are better. Skip one of the three things you can do and its like a three legged milking stool with only two legs..... You have far more to fear from the progression of this disease than ANY and do mean any of the treatments.

You are not immune to everything else that can happen as we age cardiac disease, viruses, infections, age, and so forth. Ask your Doc as they come up

What medication are you on? Some of your issues may be linked to the medication. I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight issues unless it’s drastic. My weight fluctuates about 10 lbs per day. Just let your doctor know…

Your BP is a different story. I’d honestly let your doctor know about it. Both of these questions are more geared asking your doctor. We can only tell you are experiences… Doesn’t make them correct.

Just curious, what are your weight issues? Loss or gain?

I can't gain and the doctor says I am showing signs of malnutrition

GrumpyCat said:

Just curious, what are your weight issues? Loss or gain?