Advice for starting enbrel?

Hi all, I have just received my first month supple of enbrel and am wondering if there is a best day/time to take it? What I am asking is that when I took methotrexate I knew I had to take I when my husband would be around the next day to help out as the drug made me sick and tired. Is this the same with enbrel? Thanks


Methotrexate made me sick at first. I’m fine now… I take it on Monday night… The Enbrel I decided to take it on Sunday night because it should be a time every week, when u are usually at home. U should be consistent. Everyone is different however, if the metho still makes u sick , I would consult your Dr…

Gentle Huggs …

I’m working on my second year of Enbrel and am doing great. Hopefully u do the same.


Hi Melissa!

I can give you some advice, since I just started Enbrel a few weeks ago...

First of all, you might not experience any SEs at all! I didn't! The only thing that happened, which I hesitate to call a SE was a pink, painless site reaction after a few of the shots. (I take 2 - 50 mg shots/week.)

Before the first shot, my nurse daughter advised me to purchase some liquid benadryl in case of an allergic reaction. She said that's what they use in the hospital. We gave my first shot early evening, several hours before I planned to go to bed. I take my shots Thursday evenings and Monday mornings, 3.5 days apart.

I was pleasantly surprised how well I've done on Enbrel, especially because I was so afraid to take it-always being such a pessimist.

One thing I would recommend-if you have psoriasis too, be careful about scratching or exposing any open skin to things that could have harmful bacteria on them. I noticed a little infection on my legs today, I think from shaving or who knows what, I'm treating it with antibiotic ointment and hoping it goes away fast.

Good luck! I hope Enbrel works well for you!

I find with the biologics that about 8pm is the best time - same as MTX. A couple of hours before bed just in case there’s an acute reaction (I’ve never had this), and 8 hours asleep to not notice any minor reaction.

I had a small one first time with Enbrel (didn’t even realise it was a reaction till morning - didn’t connect it with Enbrel, just so very itchy all over!)

After that, no reaction to Enbrel at all. Took it in the afternoon etc, no issue. Humira gives me 12 hours of mild GI side effects, which for me is ironic because the reason I switched to Humira was to get rid of my GI symptoms! It does work for that, but the 12 hrs of GI symptoms, though mild, are uncomfortable enough for me to schedule the shot at night, but not so uncomfortable they wake me up (which my GI disease, left untreated, definitely will).

So, for Enbrel, take it whenever you want - but to be really cautious, middle of the week at 8 pm :slight_smile:

I so hope you get the same results as me - it changed my life.

I take my methotrexate in the pm on Wednesdays, then take my Enbrel close to bedtime. I just had some mild injection site reaction the first 3-4 times with the Enbrel. I like to ice the area I’m going to inject for a good 10 minutes, and I leave the injection needle out at room temp for a minimum of 30 minutes before I inject. Really minimizes the stinging. Good luck!
I have no side effects and it’s helped a lot!! Wednesday is because I like to travel over weekends and not pack my needles.

I would say the best piece of advice you can get about your injectibles is to STOP WORRYING!!

I have been on Enbrel (which worked like a wonder drug) and now I'm on Humira. The same applies for each drug: I have taken it at night. I have taken it in the morning. I have injected my leg. I have injected my belly. I never got a site reaction. I always let it warm up to room temperature before I inject myself. Sometimes I need a band aid as I may (unavoidably) hit a small blood vessel and the injection site bleeds (like two drops). I have taken my shot in a moving car on the way to the airport. I have jumped in our hot tub moments after injecting myself. I have never, ever, felt nausea or any other kind of reaction after taking my biologic.

Just breathe.

Not sure if this link will work but this thread reminded of this song:
Mat Kearney - Breathe In Breathe Out - YouTube

The video is that good, but the lyrics are.