A word on Meds

This is semi official....

We want to very careful when we are talking about meds that remeber our experience is what is valuable to share. Folks love to know what others experiences have been. That experience should be the experience with the medication. The dosages and frequencey ar much less important

PLEASE be very careful in what you are recommending. I realize we are all adults and can make our own decisions but also are all very desperate to feel better. That can lead to BAD decisions.

Dosages of narcotics is one such area. Your doctor may have told you to double up or increase frequency or even stack fast acting with time release. It may work for you because you have been on the narco's for a while. Somebody else trying the same thing could easily be dead. And yes it happens and on an ever increasing basis. It takes less than a week sometimes to develop tolerance, other times much longer.

Prednisone is another. One can fry their adrenals in days. Your 40mg may be someone elses 10mg.

Thank you all.

Thanks for the reminder. That's why people need to make certain to confer with their doctors, who know their history and other concerns.

I think this is wonderful advice. Sometimes we are so set with our meds we forget that this suggestion might just harm someone else due to age,weight, doctors methods, many variations. I really appreciate this advice and thank you for this reminder.

Well said & worth all of us remembering........thanks tntlamb.

A very good point. Everyone reacts differently to medications. We have seen that from all the different experiences.

Thanks for the reality check, Lamb. You are so right. One should always follow what it ordered by their doc, and not make changes without discussing it with the doc first. Overdose from opiates does occur and many, many cases are accidental.

It’s a sobering reminder, but a needed one. Thanks again.

I concur, medications and people’s response to them is so variable hence all the fun Docs have with trying to get someone on something that works. As a Nurse you have to be carefull not to become complacent about meds but I am realizing as a patient it is even worse. Not only do I think very little about taking meds personally that at work are restricted and always double checked; the desparation for pain relief is overwhelming. Thank you for a friendly reminder. I do like to hear about things that work though, as it gives me hope; but no one wants to be a mortality stat and the meds we take all have great potential for fatal or devastating effects.