A weight has been lifted!

For the past six months, i have had my share of ups and downs. I`m happy to report, i am feeling much better physically and emotionally. I lost 20 pounds, Got rid of the boy friend, even went on a date. My meds are working.. Was able to work two full weeks in a row. I cant begin to tell you how thankful i am for the support of this site and others.

thanks to all of you who share your stories and comments.

Good for you! Always good to hear positive news like this.

Wonderful Never Give Up Hope !!! Thanks for sharing your good news - makes me feel better :-) I gained at least 20 lbs on prednisone and hope to start losing it now that I've reduced my dose. Hoping to report I've lost 20 lbs soon like you !

Yay!!! That's GREAT!

Great news! So glad you're feeling and doing better!