Prednisone step down?

Can anyone talk about their experience stepping down off prednisone? How it felt, side effects, tips? How fast/slow your dose was reduced?

I have been on 60mg (20mg x3/day) for a month, and my rheum is stepping me down before starting something new tbd.


Hi RB,

A few years back when I had a massive flare up my rhuemy put me on a high dose of prednisone. Stepping down is the only way to do it over a period of a few weeks or so. As my Rhuemy expained it, when you have PsA if you just stop taking it, you will have a flare up as your body cannot cope with the sudden loss and try to overcompensate.

I was on 50mg a day for a while the stepped down gradually. I ended up with 5mg tabs so I could have go like this

45mgs for 3 days, 40 mgs for 3 days 35mgs for 3 days, and slowly down till I stopped completely.

I must admit I did have a minor flare when I finally stopped, buit I also did not want to be on it long term, as that can have worse side effects.

Hope this helps!!

When I first got diagnosed prednisone was the first thing they gave me. I started on it pretty slowly but the dose kept growing to stay effective. When my wife left and I couldn’t work I lost my insurance it was all I had for a long time. I was holding steady at about 80mg a day. I was remanded to the county jail for falling behind on child support and while I was there they had me up to 240mg a day. I thought it was a mistake but the results were amazing. I can actually remember watching my hands return to normal. When I was released I got myself back down to about 120mg. I had ballooned in size I went from 130lb to 205lb in just a few months. Just missing a single dose would really almost kill me, if I was even a few hours late I would swell fast. Not just hands and feet and extremities but all my organs and it would feel like my brain also. It would cause palpitations, I was slowly going blind. The head trip was really something else, too. I’m really a very peaceful guy but the extremely violent images that stuff could put in my mind was to say it mildly, disturbing. This carried on for a year or so during which time I was living in my car and local shelters. By this point the predni wasn’t working I just had to keep eating it because I was trapped. I went to a free clinic one day and they sent me to a dermatologist who would see me for free. It’s funny cause my skin wasn’t my real concern and I went there hoping for more predni. I had not had access to any medical outside of the ER for a long time and the ER docs would just say they don’t know. I remember when my dermatologist looked at me and said he knew exactly what to do. The day after my first Humira injection I was ninety percent better. It really was a miracle. So, he told me to get off the predni so I did. The hardest thing about it was that I threw up everything I ate for months. I lost 85lbs in about three months. The only thing I could keep down was water. It is a strange feeling being so hungry you will eat something even though you know it’s going to make you sick and that you’re going to vomit it back up. Now I’m not sure anyone agrees with me or whatever but what did was begin taking acidophilus because I felt like I had killed off all my good bacteria in my stomach and it worked for me. Now I’m back to 135lbs and no steroids. It’s funny too because I spent yesterday in the ER because my hips seem to be dislocating at night and pinching nerves make me seize. Don’t know just what it feels like, anyway, ER doc says” We really just don’t know, it’s just your condition”. And he wrote me a script for predni.