Would you tell a potential new employer you have PsA?

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I currently work full time in Australia within the medical industry and my current employer is fully aware and very supportive about my PsA. Mid next year I am thinking about working as a locum in the UK. I get offered a new job at least once a day and have been approached several times from multiple recruiters in the UK. My job is in very high demand but I am fairly newly diagnosed with PsA and I am still trying to get the right treatment regime. I am keen to go and work overseas but not sure if I should tell them about my PsA upfront unless they ask for a medical history? I am not entirely sure what is involved with the whole visa process yet and whether I will need to disclose this info? Does anyone have any advice?
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In the US, they can't ask for a medical history. Personally, I would not disclose. It's not a life sentence, and with good treatment, there is no reason why you can't continue working for a very extended period of time. No formal advice, just a feeling.

Hi Kelly,

Not too sure what the situation is in the UK with regard to medicals- as you know, here in Aus it’s standard practice in many of the larger companies.

Is there an expat forum you could join and ask? Like Stoney, my inclination would be not to disclose.

It’s one thing having employers you’ve performed consistently well for in the past, who understand your work ethic knowing, it’s another thing for a prospective employer who could so easily use it as a way to reduce the short list.

Remember there may actually be people out there who do use it to put up barriers for themselves - you wouldn’t want to inadvertently get put in that basket at cv or interview stage.

Of course, if you are going to have to disclose it in a medical, that would be a different decision. Personally I would still leave it till the medical, make it clear that its well controlled so you don’t see it as an issue, and refer them back to your current employers who can verify your capability and ethic despite the disease.

I hid my condition when I was job seeking over the summer. I am glad I did. Initially, I went to interviews, cane in tow. I found that I would get down to final interviews and not be selected. I dropped the cane, propped myself up the best I could without and landed the next job. I get the feeling that not all companies want to take a risk, especially with competitive, high-responsibility roles. It's illegal to discriminate here in the States, but I believe that showing up with cane in tow made it harder for me to get past the final selections. I am bright, and interview well, and rarely go to an interview without getting an offer. I have learned to keep my cards a little closer to my chest. If it doesn't affect my work, it's not their business. I think that once a group knows you, your work ethic, and ability they are very able to look past the PsA. When you tell them up front, it's the only thing they see.

No need to tell. Around here most locum contracts are 6mos or so. Things can go to hell but generally not that fast........

So just finishing your fellowship, why did you decide on locum? The guys I know doing it love it. Its pure practice.

I would also lean towards not disclosing. I’m in the US and it is illegal to discriminate based on a medical condition, but it happened to me. I had tried to go part time at my last job as a substance abuse counselor due to just getting a diagnosis and needing time to get started on treatment. Instead of being understanding, they let me go. My field where I live is fairly small, and if I were to pursue any legal action against them, it would prevent me from getting another job. If you don’t have to disclose, my advice would be not to. Good luck with everything!

Thanks so much for the feedback guys :slight_smile: lamb, I want to work in the UK system as a locum so I can travel throughout Europe in between placements and I also need to get the experience working in public hospitals with a wider range of pathology - where I currently work in private practice there are a lot of normal cases…

Good for you! Have fun while you can you deserve it.............. Tough field.

Thanks lamb :slight_smile:

tntlamb said:

Good for you! Have fun while you can you deserve it… Tough field.