Working with PsA

So i would like to know what kind of jobs people with PsA do. I myself work in a hospital in the lab, now most wouldn't like so but my job is very physical. What i think i am look for is answer to whether or not i am crazy to think my job is not a long term job for me but i don't know. Here are my Question:

1. Am i going to get better with meds or will it just control the pain. is it still going to get worse.

2. with my job i am on my feet all day. is this something i should do for the rest of my life. i am also walking all day i am bet over drawing blood from patients very sick patients with meds i will be on is it ok to be in contact with patients with TB or other infection that i could catch.

3. is it unreasonable for me to say to my doctor that i feel i can not do my current job long term.

4.Do people with PsA quilfy for disabilty keep in mind i live in manitoba, canada.

5. i feel that i should move on from my job and go back to school to have a career that would more fit me. What is a good job for people with PsA.

I'm a writer. I work from home. Having to type for a living can be tough on my hands, but the flexiblity of a work-from-home arrangement has been wonderful.

I am a System's Administrator. Office job with very little physical work. I don't think I could have done anything physical while I had a flare up, I was pretty much handicapped.

Some of the med we could be on will decrease your immune system so you'll definately want to ensure you protect yourself but your Rheumy will be the best judge of that.

I am a Web Developer and work from home as a freelancer. Like Buffy I find it hard some days having to type code and also even use a mouse but I can also choose my hours to suit when I'm feeling up to it. I had worked an office job as a Manager but found it impossible to keep up when I had issues with my knee and could hardly walk.

I went back to University and did a degree in IT, hardest 4 years of my life but well worth it.

I work at a financial instition. Im doing an administrative job at the moment but its difficult as i sit most of the day and I have degeneration in my spine so some days I have alot of pain. Whether Im sitting or moving around, either way it can be hell some days

I am an ICU RN, trying to go back to work. Honestly the fatigue is the big killer for me. I can deal with the pain but the fatigue is nuts!
I hsve not been able to increase past fours every other day (M-W-F). I would love to help you out
with your questions but myself am wondering the same. Let me know what you find out. I live in the NWT,
So north of you :). I qualified for disability but am trying to return to work.

Hi... I am in southern Ontario, and am going through the same questions and dilemma as you.

I have been working on my feet, very active work, probably very similar to you, although it is in a pharmacy. The shifts are very long, and although pain is a factor, the fatigue is the killer for me too.

I am working on finding other work solutions, and trying out some part time things. I couldn't possibly do full time, as even now if I work one day at my present job, I find I spend the whole next day recuperating.. it feels like I have everything literally drained out of me. Familiar?

Yes, people with PsA do get disability. My physio tells me that you must not downplay anything. You report what your worst days are like. The worst case scenario is the important factor. She says most of the time, people with arthritis will say, well, it's not always that bad.... that is not what we need to do. We need to tell of the worst days.

I am not interested in not working. I would go crazy, but I know that there may come a time when I won't have a choice.

The other VERY important thing is that if you are on biologics, you should not be around so much illness. It is a big issue for me working in the pharmacy where people come in sick all the time, but it is much bigger for you. Think about it. You have a compromised immune system when on biologics and are dangerously susceptible to communicable diseases. That is another reason I am trying to find an alternative to the job I'm in. I've just gone on Enbrel.

Good luck. I do know how difficult a quandry it is to figure out what to do with work, with this disease, and hope you find what you need.

Keep us posted.

I am a Rn in ER, I been able to work but that is it. I nap before work. I have a great husband that been supportive. We have had a few fights over me sleeping all the time and the house not as clean. I just pray for the right combo of drugs so I can do things beside work and sleep.

So by what I'm getting is that know really knows what to do really, well just to let everyone know I tried to quit my job today. Talk to my boss and said to her I don't think that working in a medical lab was going to be good for me in the long run. she told me that thier was different area's in lab that maybe i could do that wasn't in my department, so that i wouldn't have to go on morning wards to draw blood because of all the sickness, or that maybe i should be wearing a mask all the time and gloves, however the psorisis is on my hand so i don't think wearing gloves for eight hours would be good for me. she told me that maybe they could put me in micro.........but thats dealing with msra swabs and such and i really don't want to be around that wearing gloves or no gloves. I am a single mother of two and some time we work 9 to 10 days in row. I just don't think i can work there any more. the stress and being on your feet all day walks and bending over patients and going into emerg to draw blood on someone you have no idea whats going on with them is just to much. I have tried talking to both doctors about work and what would be best for me but i don't get any answers. thank you every one for you help!!!!!!

I am a nanny. It gives me the flexibility to work what jobs I feel I can handle. It really is not about the job you do. It is more about what you can deal with. Fatigue is a killer. Also where you are affected by PsA & is it under control. For me it is STILL not under control. I was on Enbrel but that did nothing for me so now we are trying to find something that will help me. But from what I hear even when you find something that works for may only do so for a period of time. Even if you find a job that allows you to sit, you may find the PsA becomes a problem in your hands or back.A job where you are not sitting or standing for any given time so you do not become stiff I find is helpful. Hope this helps & best of luck to you.

I finally admitted I needed to take a sick leave, and am glad to be in a profession that allows someone to go on sick leave with pay. It was still a tough decision for me, I'm naturally a type A personality and don't like to take time off. As a teacher, I'd much rather come in sick and dying than do up plans for a substitute. However, what was happening was that I would get home and just sleep until morning without being able to wake. I have accepted that the school can get a substitute teacher for the students, but there is no mom and wife substitute for my children and husband. I need to get this into remission and that will happen by limiting my stressors, taking care of myself, and making sure that any energy I do have in the day is focused on my family.

Lara, I also have just begun a leave, which I chose to take as a very sudden two week vacation. I hate to do it, but figure that I have the right to a vacation. On Thursday, a week after beginning my break, I will be going to try a new part time job. If it works out, I will only be returning for one day a week at the present job. It is far too tough for me to do.

Like you, every day that I work at the present job, I take at least a day to recover. That is not life.

I sympathize with you and understand totally. Having your priorities straight is very important.


Thank you all for sharing. I am currently unemployed and very nervous about finding a new job. If I sit too long my feet and ankles swell so bad I have to keep them up for hours just to feel like I can walk again. I really need to work but am not sure it’s a good thing to tell an potential employer about my conditinon. Has anyone had this problem?

Kristie, I would speak with someone in an agency for employment standards, and also an agency for rights for people with disabilites. There are requirements. Wherever you live, you should find out your rights, and also advice for getting those rights.

For instance, even if they cannot refuse to hire you for a disability, they can always find another reason to choose someone else. Should you get a job first, then inform your employer? Definitely, speak to those in authority and in the know.

Best of luck!

Everyone with PsA is different. For some the disease progresses more rapidly then others. The meds are not for pain. It is to slow down the progression of it. What usually happens is the meds work for awhile & then in time they will no longer be effective. Then the doctor will put you on something else.

As far as a job that you can do. There really is no one job. For some people the disease effects our hands & feet. It may be in your spine. It can be worse in some then others. It is very different. Then with autoimmune disease when you have one you tend to have others. Which will complicate things further.

What I have seen usually happen is people with PsA tend to work in their current profession as long as they possibly can. Then when it become too painful to continue most will apply for disability. Yes, depending on how severe your PsA is, you can get approved for disability. I am in the US but to my knowledge this is true in Canada as well.

One more thing to consider. When you are put on meds to control your PsA, it will lower your immune system. Making you more susceptible to illness.

Good luck making your decisions. Hope I was able to offer you some assistance.

I have an admin job and sit all day. Its in a big corporate company and its a very stressful environment. Most days I used just get through it however some days I struggle as I have constant back ache and occasionally fatique. Its got to a point that throwing depression into the mix hasnt been good. I started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I am now off for the week. I am seein my Doctor tomorrow to discuss the way forward. At the same time there is restructuring within the company and I might not have a job. I need to work as I rely on the good medical benefits so all round its a catch 22 situation.


I also have a job where I have to be on my feet all day on concrete floors. What I found to help me out tremendously is a knee scooter. I feel it is the perfect solution: It takes the weight off of my feet, I'm very mobile, I'm upright, I'm still moving my legs and feet (I can swap knees) and most importantly, its fun to zip around, hahaha.

Here is the knee scooter I have:

Hope this helps.