Wine For PsA Patients

As you know I have a reputation as a bit of a lush (I only wish it were true) Seenie as nominated Ten Spoon wine as our official wine. They grow some of their grapes on our families old homestead. In fact part of that land includes our old drain field. Although I have no direct involvement with the winery (beyond keeping them in business a frequent buyer) it is safe to say there is a bit of me in every bottle.

I also make a fair amount of wine myself, usually from the areas wild berries, but occasionally buy either juice and or skins from other areas.

Lately its been Pinot from California.where they primarily produce Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Grigio wines.They have developed a new hybrid grape that acts as an anti-diuretic. A single glass at night made from this grape could mean a peaceful, uninterrupted nights sleep. As you know if it isn't pain, cramps another assorted discomforts we take some meds (along with age) that even if everything elses is okay insure a trip or two to the bathroom each night. I have been working in a frenzyLook on your shelves soon for the the wine for PsA sufferers: Ten Spoons PINO MORE

"Ten Spoons PINO MORE"


Love it! That would certrainly become my wines of choice! it...PINO MORE!

Can’t find a uk supplier for it :frowning: will keep looking though!

I would definitely buy some of that............LOL you are too funny Lamb.

LOL, Lamb, you're luring me out of the woodwork, aren't you. That's funny ...

I'd be interested in seeing the tasting notes on that one.

I was begining to think you weren't going to come? How did your appointments go? Surgery date yet?

Sorry, I'm late. Not moving very fast these days! I did a blog post on surgery, etc.: some good news, some bad, and some awesome. Won't repeat it it all here.

My project this week has been to organize a referral to The Psoriatic Arthritis Clinic in Toronto. It is run by Dr. Dafna Gladman, one of the global big names in PsA. Apparently I can go there for a second opinion on the referral of my GP. I'm in contact with them, and they want me (they're looking for research subjects, I think), and all I have to do is get my family doc to fax a referral. Toronto is a 5 hour drive from here, and it will mean a couple of hotel nights, but the world-class diagnostics and care will be so worth it.

You can google the clinic, but the best info is here:

I am almost there. Good for the soul, even if it won't help my hip. For that, TG for tramadol.

I love wine but it doesn't love me...

Any hotel without Room service and hot stone massage is just high priced camping.......................

For you needcoffee there is a solution: Coffee Ouzo, its made in Rhodes (greece) but can be found elswhere.