What School Looks Like

School has begun! It seems like just yesterday that school ended. Our kids are really enjoying themselves, and I am too.

I missed out on taking photos of Home Ec, which included cooking, laundry, and various cleaning activities, as well as the sewing project going on in the basement. I also missed much of Science and Nature, Geography, and History. You see, we have grades preschool through high school here, and I can't seem to be everywhere at once. Thank God we have many awesome teachers on staff. Haley is the Queen of Home Ec; Zachary, the Master of Math; Coren, the Professor of Natural History; Alex, the Game Guru; and Alia, the Philosophizing Physiologist.

First thing this morning, we learned about frogs and toads, with a little nature photography mixed in upon the discovery of this gem. Can you find it?
We moved on to Math for preschoolers through middle schoolers, including measuring, counting, translating block units of measure into inches, and so on. We used addition, multiplication, and division, as well as basic math and algebra concepts depending on the age of the scholar. We learned colors and patterns and how to build a tall tower with structural integrity - the base was redesigned twice by one of the five-year-old builders.
The Arts took part in our day as children created ...

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Nym, I’m a retired teacher. I stand in absolute awe.