What’s it been a year?

It has been a while since I’ve been on here. I hope all you warriors are doing well or are on the road to doing well. I just wanted to stop by and say hey I’m still around. Work has been busy to say the least. But I wanted to share that I have been on cosyentx for a few months now and it has done wonders for me The psoriasis has cleared up to almost 100% and my arthritis pain is maybe at 90-95% better the really only lingering pain I have is when I hold something in my hands for a long time. Like griping weights or something the joints will start to get stiff or when it rains or is about to rain my knees with ache and my finger joints will get stiff and ache as well so call me the weatherman cause I know when a storm is a coming lol. Other than that thought it has been great. I’m back to running and gunning like the old me. I know we are all different and so what works for me may not work for you but… the point is that you just have to keep trying until you find that thing that makes you better. I am still eating healthy but I tend to eat “normal” minus sugar I try to stay away from unnatural sugars. I’ve heard it helps with joint pain to do so. I try to work out regularly and go for walks when I can. You are all Warriors fighting an uphill battle every day and by doing so it only makes your stronger and more powerful. Don’t let psa control you keep fighting because weather or not you want to believe it you are a Warrior and Warriors never quit.


Wow! That is such a result! Congratulations Doug. Sounds like Cosentyx was a great choice but some of this has got to be down to you too.

It is great to hear such an encouraging story, long may it last.


Glad you found your new normal…my GP told me from the beginning I may not get back to where I was, that i had a new normal. Such wise words!
6 years since I was in a wheelchair…it took some drug changing and anti inflammatory diet, add an exercize routine and gratitude list…Voila! Hoping this is true for many out there😗

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I too have had success on cosentyx. My skin is clear and my arthritis is better. I am able to be almost "normal " living a full life. I do tend to get inflamed a lot. Mostly toes fingers neck and back but it is manageable. Soooooo greatful. I hope it keeps working for a long time. I am super glad to hear that you are having success with it as well. I feel that since it hasn’t been out for long that we are kinda Guinea pigs. Dont know the long term but I will take what I can and be extremely greatful. Have a great day!

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It’s been 5 years since I have been in a wheelchair too
So happy that you are out of it. Definitely a life changing perspective.

@Dougk3, great to hear you are doing well. Thanks for posting, it is always good to hear of people’s positive experiences. I hope and look forward to hearing you continue to do well.

It’s so great to hear all these positive remarks about Cosentyx…there have been mega ads about it and a few other newer biologics on CNN for awhile now. They advertise Enbrel a lot, too.
Sounds like Cosentyx works really well for psoriasis, which Enbrel does not—at least not for me. It has stopped my scalp psoriasis, but my legs have quite a bit of it and I now have little spots all over my arms.

I wonder if Cosentyx is covered by Medicare?

Sure glad for all if you that this new biologic is working so well!