What do i do

So i was told in feb/mar that i had psa, since then my doctor has told me about meds but has not put me on any of them. I was on arthrotec but i was having side effects from them so my family doctor told me to go off of them. I did and the problems i was having stop. I was giving nothing else for the pain. I suffered for a bit and just took tylenol, which didn't help. I called my doctor and told him that my family doctor had taken me off the meds and that i was in pain lots of pain. I told him that a night i feel like i can't breath and that my neck is cause really bad headache's, my hands and my feet look purple all the time and hurt. when my doctor did a bone scan he told me the only area of body that wasn't affected was my elbows. He also told my that the reason i feel like i can't breath is because my ribs are affected as well so i am not able to take a deep breathe.

the next time i talk to the nurse my doctors i said to her agian that i was in a lot of pain and maybe i didn't express that enough. (it took her a week to call me back) she told me that the doctor was looking at his messages and ya he really didn't know what to do with me. I then said that i have look psa up and know that there is other things out there to help and why wasn't i on anything. she said she would pass the message on and see what the doctor says. she called me back and told me to come in for a shot of steroids so i did. After she gave it to me she said i could get one every six months, i look at her sideways and said i just hot one in feb. She asked if i worked i said no and she said well hopeful this one will.

I am having a hard time understanding what is going on with me. I am in so much pain and fell as though my doctors aren't helping me. does any one know what i should do or say to my doctors. this is really starting to get me down my life is greatly affected right now. i don't know what to do

Are you seeing a rheumatologist or just a general MD? You specifically need to see a rheumatologist. If that is who is currently treating you I would seriously recommend you see someone else. Don't stop till you find a doctor that you feel will listen to you. Best o luck to you & please let me know how you are doing.

Dear Priestess,

I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time. Please listen to Elizabeth above and find another doctor. It sounds as if your recent medical care if being decided on and provided by a nurse - many nurses are very savvy, but this one isn't, she's not getting or conveying helpful info from your doctor, and you're having to wait a ridiculous length of time for responses.

I would do get a new doctor - a rheumatologist - as fast as I could, for two reasons. One, it sounds like a lot of your body is involved, and you want don't want to let that go. Two, more and more research shows that the sooner that treatment for PsA is started after diagnosis - ideally within the first three months or so - the better your prognosis - your ultimate outcome.

It's ridiculous for your doctor to leave you in this much pain, and with chest involvement, and not be doing anything about it. Check out physicians in the yellow pages and on-line today, talk to anyone you know who might have an intelligent suggestion about a good rheumatologist, and then start making calls first thing Monday - tomorrow - morning. You need to take care of yourself - obviously the doctors you're seeing are not going to take care of you.

Are you anywhere near a medical school? Sometimes they have terrific programs themselves, and sometimes they can provide you with lists of rheumatologists and physical therapists.

If you go to psoriasis.org, hit Resources and go to Community Divisions, there are phone numbers for volunteers who have psoriasis and know something of what you are going through. Often they can give you good resource suggestions. There is another section right below that where you can ask for a "mentor" - a person who's been dealing with psoriasis who is willing to talk with you and listen to you.

These are not substitutes for the kind of support we get here, but we all need all the support we can get, and it sounds like you definitely need some help right now, because you are not getting the help you need.

Good luck!

I agree with the above....is this a rheumatologist your seeing? if not you really need to find one but if it is and this is all they are doing for you then its time to find someone else.

My rhumey calls me back normally within the same day I call and leave a msg and he doesnt like giving me pain meds (mainly because in our area pain meds are being abused so badly) But I have had pain meds since day one, and Ive had to switch several times to diffrent ones but I have found Tramadol helps me the best.

Be persistant and make someone listen to you!