Weight gain on Simponi

Has anyone else experienced weight gain on Simponi? I’ve been taking monthly injections for 5 months now. My skin cleared quickly and after the second injection I noticed a huge difference and felt amazing. It only lasts for about 3 weeks and the last week is hard but it’s been a huge help for me. But I am gaining an incredible amount of weight- to the point that I’m considering if it’s worth taking it or should I deal with the pain. My activity level,and diet haven’t changed but I can’t fit into clothes that I could even a month ago. Clothes that I bought to replace other clothes that no longer fit. I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks!

Saundra, I don’t know if Simponi can cause weight gain. But your post prompted a few thoughts about my experience of weight & PsA that may or may not be relevant.

I’ve never been overweight as such, but all my life I’ve tended to put on a bit too much fat in all the wrong places, then it would go, then it would come back and so on. But the thing was, I could see why that was happening - weight gain or loss corresponded to what & how much I was eating and to activity levels.

I know a lot of folk with PsA do put on weight, but back when my PsA flared enough to get me diagnosed, the weight fell off to an alarming degree. With treatment, especially biologics, (Humira), I got back to a healthy weight again and that’s pretty much how things have stayed for the last 3 or 4 years.

What I’m saying is could it be that PsA was keeping your weight down before Simponi, regardless of what you ate? And that as the drug is working so well, your metabolism is now healthier & happier, hence the weight gain?

If you hurt, you will eat. I have put on about 25 lbs, but I think it is the prednisone. I guess it makes up for the 30 I lost on Otezla.

I get terrible sugar cravings when I am having a flare up.