Waiting on results

30 year old female
Dx of fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, ptsd and high blood pressure.
Low back stiffness in am
Hands ache.
Achilles’ tendon aches after periods of immobility.
Muscle tightness/knots in shoulder/rhomboid areas
Mental fog

SI joint disfunction as a teenager, helped with cortisone injection
Plantar fasciitis…only at the end of the day, no pain in the am
Sensitive skin, chafes easily
Both big toenails thick and brittle, no fungal issue though.
Insomnia problems
High crp and esr

Started cymbalta about 2.5 years ago. Most body aches subsided and felt great mentally. Body aches: low back, feet/hands and rhomboid muscles(cracking feeling in the muscles) have returned. Revisited the rheumatologist and she wanted to look into the possibility of PsA. Reasons she gave me : morning stiffness, pitted nails(mild in my opinion), history of si joint issues and plantar fasciitis. No family history, swelling of digits, red eyes or skin lesions however.

She ordered labs
Esr abd CRP high again.
Counts mostly normal. High Monocytes and Basophils.
X-ray of si and low back:
Five non rib bearing lumbar vertebra present. Vertebral body heights and disk spaces are maintained. Bilateral spondylolyses L5 with grade 1 anterolisthesis L5 on S1 5 to 6 mm. Sacroiliac joint spaces appear preserved. No erosions or osteophytes.

So now I wait…in the mean time she gave me 500 mg naproxen twice daily and that has considerably improved my morning stiffness.

Curious what you all think. Are these enough things to give me this diagnosis? With no family history and no prior psoriasis.

My anxiety is causing me to obsess. My follow up isn’t for a another few weeks.

Not that I want a major disease but I want answers and relief and not to feel like what if it’s in my head??

Well Naomiaad, we’re not doctors, and we don’t play doctors on the internet so we can’t give you a diagnosis. That said, though, there are lots of things on your list that many of us will be able to relate to.

I will say this though: we’ve seen far worse performances from fully certified rheumatologists. That rheumie may just be a keeper: well done, you!

As for deciding whether you have PsA, here are the criteria that rheumies use to diagnose it.

Nobody wants a major disease, and it’s no surprise that not knowing is causing you to stress out and obsess. There is definitely something to be said for knowing what you have because that’s when you can start looking forward to the prospect of feeling better. As for feeling like it’s in your head, many of us were relieved to find that out!

Hang in there, Naomi and let us know what happens.