Needing Info Bout PSA

I have had flares of hip pain similar to siatica for 11 yrs, anti inflamortoary and pain killers worked for few years when it happened, six yrs ago my ankles hurt to walk, could put my whole body weight on them, that didn't hurt, 8 months ago a lump came up under my left knee, then started to hurt when i bent down, as for trying to get back up it was painful and i needed things to pull my self up. It was when my knee started hurting that i started pushing my gp for answers as the painkillers and anti inflam, weren't working to well. I also suffer from insomnia, thought process is screwed, lose my train of thought easily, never wake feeling refreshed. When i wake my entire body was stiff, and i found it difficult to get up and out of bed, the stairs i didn't bother going down them for least 1 hour. I have recently started crochet and my hands aren't as bad, i also gave up work 2 months ago , i was a barmaid in my local, worked the quiet shifts generally, had great bosses that let me sit down as and when, let my hubby help carry the stock if he was about as i worked my shift alone. I am only 36, have 3 children 14,12 and 11. The eldest lives with his dad. I now just take each day as it comes and generally don't do a lot. My gp thought i had fibromyalgia as i was in constant pain but can move each joint with out pain. My pain can change minute to minute, burning, stabbing, numb, tingly are just a few examples. Gp refered me to orthapedic surgeon who agreed with gp. Ortha surgeon who refered me to Rheumy, who said it would be rare for me to have fibro as i'm to young and he thinks i have psa. He sent me for blood tests and x-rays which i've had and go back to see him in Feb 2013, earliest appoint, (going to speak to his secretary and say i can get there if someone cancels) I am now doing a dairy each day so i have something to show him. For the last 4/5 yrs i have took the nsaids that are prescribed for psa and the pain is still there, if i stay on a steady pace and don't over do it the pain is managable. I have begun to suffer with terrible anxiety and panic attacks, at the moment i have them under control with out medication. I hope you can help me understand what psa is. Thanks for the help in advance xx

Hi and welcome! You may want to do past searches as each of these things you mention have been discussed in depth on this site before. You definately want to keep a calender with notes to show your Rheumy when you see him/her. The fatigue can affect you mental process and sleep and anxiety. You may want to discuss anti depressants with your doctor as they can help all those symptoms. I was NSAIDs for years and they helped. Now I am on methotrexate and biologics with some relief. Good luck to you and welcome.

Welcome to the group! You said, "Ortha surgeon who refered me to Rheumy, who said it would be rare for me to have fibro as i'm to young and he thinks i have psa."

At 36 years old the dr thinks you are too young? Not at all. I would seek out a second opinion, as fibromyalgia can and does begin in the 20's. Have they tested you for tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease as well?

check this site for info.

I am only 30 and all your going through started in me when I was only 9 years old! Get a second opinion...heck get 5 opinions if you need to! I have been have been dealing with shoulder pain and my hands and feet going numb for a year now. Finally after seeing 2 ortho surgeons, 3 mri's, a nerve conduction study and an artierial doppler I have my answers that I am willing to accept. 4 surgeries are in my very near future but I am finally hopeful. As for the PsA it's very active and I am doing my best to fight it with Methotrexate and Remicade infusions. Please see as many Dr's as it takes to get you comfortable with a diagnosis. For more info the mayoclinc web site is very helpful along with past posts on this site. I pray you find answers. Stay strong and know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

A very warm welcome to you. PsA is not always easy to get diagnosed as there is no specific test. Xrays don't always show anything. Generally it is a combination of your symptoms and blood tests. Do read and research as much information about PsA. It is difficult to be specific as there are so many variants from one person to another in symptons and treatments.

Welcome. It took a good two years before I was diagnosed. Unless your illness is stereotypical many doctors don’t recognise the other issues that also comes with Psa. So they say its fibro. Keep being proactive and don’t take I don’t know for an answer. Read about Psa and ask questions from people. Do Internet research too.