Vestibular Dysfunction and Hearing Loss

Re: vestibular dysfunction and hearing loss
Its been a few years, and time can be a great revealer!

Otosclerosis. I’ve become profoundly deaf at some frequencies, and am awaiting my first stapedectomy (joint replacement of the stapes). In the meantime, my c-spine (neck) has been caged and plated (titanium rebuild) which has helped remarkably with the vertigo-dizziness-balance problems.

Both otosclerosis and the neck highlight issues with bone quality and formation…spongiosis followed by sclerosis.

The PsA has been in remission for a while now, and no nsaids for me as they can disturb bone formation.

Wishing all the best throughout the ups and downs of managing life and chronic pain and illness,

Laura E D / laura006

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