User Name Safety

User Name Safety for New and Old Members

While this is a closed site (must register to post) discussions, blogs, content in general and user names are searchable. What this means to you is this: if you use your real life first and last name here someone who searched your name could end up on a Ben's Friends PsA discussion about your latest aches and pains, medical treatment, diagnoses, etc. complete with your photo. That is why we encourage all of our members to create a unique user name. If you missed that opportunity when you registered, the instructions on how to change your user name are listed right here:

It's easy: go to MY PAGE, scroll down to your profile, click on Edit and make your changes. Don't forget to save them at the end! If you need help, contact one of the mods by Chat and we can walk you through the steps.

If you've already gotten a private message from me (aka a Grumpy-gram), and you've changed your user name, or you just don't care who knows about what you post here, then it's fine to disregard this message.