Update on latest drugs

Sigh. Clearly mtx and leflunomide combined aren’t working as having ANOTHER flare up. How can my immune system still be over excitable after having two different immune suppressant drugs? FFS.

Wise people on Internet land - what’s next? NB note I’m in UK and can’t just demand biologics. And please, please no debate on whether insurance or NHS is best. Not in the mood for that. Quite happy to refresh the best method for roast potatoes though (you know who you are ;-))

How long has it been? I wonder if it's just taking time to start working.

I'm sorry about that. How many have you failed now? You need to fail three, yes?

It is three I’ve failed. It’s been 6 weeks on leflunomide and my symptoms have actually got worse (I was already on mtx).