Leflunomide and Simponi has any one tried this Combo?

I am just starting this combo, never tried either one before. Not sure what to expect, from medication, as to side effects etc. Never had a biologic, very afraid.

I’ve been using leflunomide for a few years ago. It works pretty well. Early on I was having stomach upset issues so we decreased the dose for a month or two then went back up. No more problems. You should check with your doctor about folic acid supplementation. I lose hair and develop mouth sores if I’m not using it.

I was told I nolo get need the folic acid because, the mtx was discontinued. I did get mouth sores on the mTX.

Don’t be scared of the biologic. I know it’s quite natural to feel concerned, but honestly, for many of us they are just the most trouble-free meds going and can help enormously.

If you do have any side effects, which may be slightly more likely from Leflunomide, though by no means inevitable, then do get back to us as well as to your rheumy. There’s so much experience and knowledge here and it’s good to share rather than worry on our own!

It may well be the case that your new treatment will really help you. Hope so! I have been taking Humira for 3 years and my general health is good as well as the PsA being controlled. Sometimes I get printouts of my blood results and think ‘wow! Look at them!’ - no anaemia, no detectable inflammation, liver and kidneys working fine and so on. It wasn’t always so!

I know it’s normal to worry, it hard to see and feel my body getting worse. I always have high hopes for a new treatments, but this one scares me. I have read a lot of great things about the biological, the life changing results that come with them. But thelse drugs come with a lot of issues regarding side effects, I have had 3 chest infections in 8 moths of being on mTX. What’s next on these drugs, I have 7 small grandchildren, who are walking germ collectors. I love to spend a lot of time with them, what do these drugs mean, to that important part of my life?

Belinda, I think that you will find that the biologics, although they are the “gold standard” for PsA treatment, have remarkably few side effects. The patient information looks scary, but the reality is, most of us are far more comfortable and side effect free on the bio than on the DMARDs.

As for those loveable little germ bags, most of us manage just fine. The person you want to talk to is @Grandma_J. She’s got a brood of 'em, and she’s on a biologic. She will also tell you a few things about being scared. :fearful:

It’s pretty routine to take a DMARD with the biologic. If you have problems on that combination, most likely it will be the leflunomide which is causing you the grief. And if you have problems, dropping the LEF will fix them.

Think positively. You need the first class joint damage control that the biologic can give you. Good luck with this!

I’ve noticed that one bad experience with the drugs we take causes a lot of anxiety about future treatment. Were the chest infections the reason you stopped Mtx? I completely understand your concern about being around the little ones if that is so.

However, just as some of us get no infections or very few while on Mtx while others do seem to become more vulnerable to infection, one individual can have very different experiences with different drugs. Please take heart from the fact that many of us seem to get fewer infections than ever. The drugs definitely do not equate with having to hide away and stopping doing the things that we love but it can be a matter of finding the right treatment for us, for all sorts of reasons.

I hope you’ll ‘meet’ Grandma_J soon too! While she is a lively young lass, her screen name is very apt!

I am a little envious of you guys with all the grandkids. I have 3 grown up children and not a grandchild in sight. However, I have had one cold in the last 6 years, I did not contract TB after after being exposed to it for some weeks recently, I’m always getting cuts and grazes, I swim in the sea etc. etc. Once you’ve had a good run of your immune system holding up well, you’ll feel loads more confident.

Thank you, for the encouragement. I stopped the MTX, because it was not working. Pain in my back, feet and hands is very bad, these joints very inflamed. I have this diease since my very early twenties, my diagnosis was not confirmed until a couple of years ago. That’s when things started to change, in a short 5 year time I went from working and walking. To in bed most of the time, and only able to work 4hrs, twice a week. After work I am pretty much done for the day, back in bed. I have great hope for these meds, I WANT MY LIFE BACK. We will see, it will a couple of weeks until I am approved for the biologic, I think.

take care of yourself while you’re waiting for approval and for the meds to kick in. so many of us know how hard that wait can be. we’re pulling for you!

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