Trying Tremfya

The last few months of last year were great fatigue-wise. I made arrangements to go out or for people to visit us without wondering about my chances of being half-way human or even awake.

Post-Christmas, hmmmm! I could describe the fatigue in purple prose but probably don’t need to! There was also some joint swelling, more stiffness etc. and my rheumy’s view was that things had deteriorated.

Okay, the birds are tweeting, the sun is shining, spring has sprung and so have I! I ‘last’ all day, pretty much.

There would seem to be no rhyme or reasons to this fatigue malarkey. All I can say is that I get longer and more frequent livelier phases as the years go by … this is contrary to what ‘normal’ 60-somethings experience, which makes me smile.

But when fatigue strikes it’s like a deep pit. Very hard to see above and beyond it.


I’m glad to hear that it is slowly improving for you.
Can’t wait to come to that stage.

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