The big toe on my right foot and the middle toe on my right foot are what cause me problems. I walk weird because it hurts to put pressure on the big toe. I’m trying to teach myself to walk “normal” again instead of putting my weight on the side of my right foot because that is causing me back and hip pain. I’d rather just have the foot pain. Yay for relearning to walk properly!

Show your rheumatologist that picture!

It may be time to go see a podiatrist. You can have custom orthotics made that will make it easier for you to walk properly, and minimize a lot of the other pain that you are experiencing.

It looks like that whole right foot is swollen, not just those toes.

Stoney, Is it expensive though?

It could be looking like that because i walk on the side of the foot more and that is making the side swell? I don't know I really only feel it hurting in the ball of my foot and the joint of my big toe.

Orthotics can be expensive, but don’t have to be. If you have insurance, they often pay a good portion of the expense.

To my layperson’s eye, your big toe looks like it has something called dactylitis (aka sausage toe). But I’m not a doctor. (Nor do I play one on the internet, LOL) That’s why I said to show this pic to your rheumatologist. The swelling can go down all of a sudden, and never fails, that’ll happen the day before your rheumie appointment. That’s why it’s great to have pictures for show and tell!


The big toe on my right foot swells and gets painful too - makes me walk funky too. Hope you find relief soon