Things are getting better :)

Yesterday, I almost missed my lunch break so I very quickly ran to McD's and got a kids meal. I was not thinking at all and got fries and apple slices - just thinking this was a healthier choice - totally forgetting they have solatine which is one of my triggers for PsA. After I scarfed down the meal (had a class coming in just a few minutes) I realized what I had done and sure enough, by 2 pm my hands were stiffening up. This made a noticable change and reinforced my decision to stop eating nighshades. Even though I stiffened up, it wasn't nearly as bad as I have been in the past.

Despite all the stress I have been under, my symptoms have improved so much since I was diagnosed. I am still having issues with my toes and sleep problems but that is so much better than how I was feeling at this time last year. I think my modifications and diet change have helped me a lot. It has taken 6 months but I honestly feel so much better now. So many times, we hear about the trials we are having with this disease and we don't always talk about it when we are feeling better. I am going to try to blog just as much on days that I feel good as the days when I don't feel so good.

Hands are about a 3 (just a bit stiff) this morning while feet are about a 3 as well.