The Omega Diet

Does anybody out there have experience with the "Omega Diet?" It was recommended to me by my Rhu. at my visit today. I have absolutely no experience with this, and would love some tips, feedback, opinions, etc. Thank u! :o)

It's what my rheumy prescribed for me too. I'm still working on it and have only made a few minor changes so far - like switching out vegetable oil for canola oil; changing out my mayo for canola mayo (which tastes the same to me), whole grain bread instead of whole wheat, buying flax seeds, adding in a few more fruits and veggies, nothing major really. My problem is that I'm not a diet kind of person.

I'm not really noticing any changes, but I'm sure that's my own fault since I'm not doing everything in the book (and I'm not a seafood fan). Honestly, it doesn't look that difficult and it doesn't look like you'd have to starve yourself or give up anything major. It's more about making better and healthier choices and balancing the omegas (6 and 3's).

If you try it, I would love to hear if it works for you. I'm going to jump in full force after the holidays.

Thank U CJ! I am going to see if I can get the book after Christmas and start trying this thing. And isn't it funny that out of this discussion we realized that we have the same Doctor! HA!