Talking about this disease - are they really going to understand?

I have decided that I want people to know what is happening in hopes that they will understand. My Mom and sister were down from Michigan for a visit this weekend and I used the time to help them understand what is happening with me. I shared this website and tried to explain what I know so far. To my surprise, they were very understanding. In fact, my Mom seems to be the one who is accepting it the best. My husband on the other hand, has taken quite a while to realize how much pain this disease causes and has acted in the past like I am making things up to get out of housework or avoid his family. . . etc. We finally had a real heart to heart discussion and now he seems to understand. Hubby even joined in with the housework on his own this time. Hopefully this support will continue because I don't have many good friends down here and I don't really have much as far as a support system. Hubby's family are his support but not so much for me. None of them know anything about PsA nor are they willing to learn about it. I have a feeling I will be relying on a lot of you to understand and give support.

I enjoy your blogs, Diva. I belong to a local arthritis support group that meets monthly in the evening. I'm the only one with PsA - but it is still wonderful to meet with people who "get it". It would be a little drive for you but you are welcome to join us anytime you are up to it. Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks, my sister's farm is east of Woodstock so I am familiar with the area. Let me know when they meet and I'll see if I can get out there one of these days.