Tail bone pain?

I woke up yesterday with a painful tail bone. I took my NSAIDs and took it easy which seemed to help. I was fine when i went to bed last night. Woke up today with an extremely painful tail bone. It feels like i fell really hard on it. Not in the sacroilliac (which i also have problems with)… this is the tail bone itself.

My dog was sick today so the bending and whatnot to clean up after her had me in agony. I can’t sit down and laying on my sides are making my hips ache. Standing for extended periods makes my sacroilliac act up. I can’t seem to find a way to be cofortable. Anyone have any experience with a random painful tail bone? I don’t have a clue if the PsA is the culprit or if i should make a trip to the doctor. I didn’t fall or do anything to injure it… This just started out of the blue.

Oh no.. that sounds miserable. I am so very sorry. I can definitely relate with the struggle to find a comfortable position although I haven't dealt with that particular pain. Maybe try sitting on a 'donut' type of pillow? I have an 'as seen on tv' Total Pillow which is that donut shape and can be found at Target (or cheaper on that Amazon link if you have Prime). I haven't used it to sit on but a co-worker of mine does use it as a toosh cushion!

I hope you find some relief.

again i love this site... ( you get to hear someone with the same symptoms and you know you are not losing it)!!!! i have had that complaint for two years and my family thought i was nuts..... i have used a "doughnut" which people use for hemorrhoids or broken tail bones

Thats the SI Joint isnt it? I have that pain and got a special seat called the “backjoy”. now i can sit for more than 30 minutes

The only thing that helps me with the pain.. is ice and heat....

There is a blood test to see if you have the gene for getting PsA in the lower spine. Sorry I can't remember the name of it but my Rhuemy ordered it when I complained about my tailbone. I don't have that gene but I still have this painful tailbone.

I know just how you feel. It feels like my tail bone is bending more forward than it should be. Not being able to sit when we need to is a terrible situation to be in. Then because I have to try and lie down more instead of sitting this seems to be making my hips worse. I am having trouble sitting on the bus as my local buses only have minimal seat padding.

I have brought a flatish cushion, the type that ties on outdoor plastic chairs and I take it with me, it fits perfect into one of my fold up shopping bags. I pop it under my bottom discreetly, still in the shopping bag and this helps. I have also seen in those mail order catalogues these cushions which are a wedge in high density foam with the higher part at the back and they have a half circle cut out to stop pressure on the tail bone. I am going to order one. I think this might be less noticable than a rubber donut cushion but use whatever works for you. I also have a good recliner chair and that helps.