Still achy even after the polar vortex--more meds required?

Hi everyone,

last week I shared with you a picture of my swollen thumbs. I have nothing as anatomically interesting this week but I do have a long list of complaints.

a) tree pollen. Bloomington, IN is awash with blossoms and pollen and things are starting to get caked in pollen dust. Sneezes abound for this chick. Suppose I should start taking OTC Claritin again.

b) the aches and pains aren't going away. I was blaming being cold for a lot. But now we're routinely in the 60's and even 70's at the warmest part of the day. Still achy, swollen and stiff.

c) exhausted. I thought that I would perk up when the sun came out (I'm prone to some mild SAD). Still pooped. I'm going to exercise classes this week after a couple weeks off because I was too tired to get there. But I'm not doing well in the classes and I feel stiff in my large joints because of a lack of activity.

d) diet. I was on a steady Cadbury Mini Egg diet but thankfully that's behind me. Yes it is also on my behind. I have started raw juicing again a couple times a week as I'm not good at consuming enough veggies and have recommenced a (rheumatologist approved) multi-vitamin, mineral, probiotic, enzymatic... well a "revitalizing" cocktail.

So, like Stoney's question about Enbrel, I'm wondering if my Humira is cutting it and whether it is time to add something else to the mix. I had to rely on a prednisone burst to get me through a really rough spot a couple of weeks ago and I haven't rebounded properly. If it is time to add something, what's a logical place to start?

And, for your entertainment, here is yet another photo of my office, but from the tree-line this time.

Oh my goodness your office with the blooms is gorgeous. I have no advise to give you. I am having a flare awaiting Stelara. How long have you been on Humiria? If you have given it enough time it might be good to call your Rheumy. Just wanted to say Hi!

I feel like I have been hit by a truck. This spring has really got me under the weather, hehe.i really think that my symptoms are related to the weather changes. Ours isn’t really up and down during the day, but it is still quite nippy in the evenings. So we are yo yoing from warm to cold every day. My plan is to wait until the temp is a little warmer before I judge.

Jane- I've tried taking claritin during allergy season, starting before any pollen. It hasn't made any difference for me in terms of the springtime flare. The cold doesn't necessarily bother me, but when my hands are achy, as they are now, this is a problem.

I've been having a hard time exercising too. The elliptical and stair stepper have been too much for me to do more than 10-15 minutes. Hills are tough when walking.

It sounds like you may need something to get you through this.

What a lovely picture.

I am really trying to still my mind when I begin thinking too much about: work I am not getting done, maybe eating the wrong thing, achy joints, exercise that feels beyond my ready supply of energy. All of these things are real, and we always end up having to address them, but look at that lovely picture... Maybe take five long minutes to soak in what a blessed relief it is to see spring happening after this grueling winter we have had. All of those things on "the list" will contribute to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. There will always be the list but I think that the advice to look at your meds is good. We can control a number of things but it gets to the point where we need help to feel better before we can do all of the things on "the list" that will also help us get better. I would also add like Sybil discussed with her Tai Chi, exercise is so important, but it needs to be the thing that really feels right. I could find a thousand excuses not to get on a stair climber without being sick! If you find that nurturing physical activity that makes you feel good while you are doing it , then it will be easier to do it when you feel like crap. For me it is getting in the pool every morning, then I stretch in the hot tub afterwards and it feels like a treat not a chore. I hope you begin to feel better soon.

Thanks to you all for your messages. I went to deep water exercise tonight then juiced some fresh veggies and felt rather pleased with myself (mental note to self: self, don't freak out when you pee pink in the morning--it's the beets). Work has been relentless which doesn't help and my (work) schedule this summer now looks like it might well include a 10-day trip to Beijing and Shanghai. I had better start feeling better soon. Now, bedtime.

I don't know the answer ! I'm self medicating with Cabury Mini Eggs whilst in treatment purgatory. It sounds like a lot of us are there !

Lovemydogs, I’ve actually had to space out my dose to avoid some nasty side-effects from dosing at fourteen days. Spaced to eighteen days I don’t get the nasty side-effects and I can tell I’m “due” for a shot. Any sooner and it makes me sick.