Steroids and dizziness?

I’ve been on steroids not for a couple of months. Currently on 10mg a day. Has anyone had dizziness as a side effect starting well into treatment (after about five weeks)? I’m assuming it’s the steroids, as when I was down to 5mg a day it seemed to get better. Now they have put me back up to 10mg it seems to be worse. But normally side effects would start earlier, right? I had steroids for three months earlier in the year and didn’t have this problem.

Never had that myself. So I don’t know. I do however get a little dizzy sometimes but I always put that down to a slight sinus issue and I haven’t been on steroids since a short course in September.

predi increases BP in a lot of folks which causes some slight chest pain and “light headiness” Light headiness is a bit different than dizziness. Twere it me I’d get one of those wrist BP doodads and check regularly, it will keep a record for you. You might want to check with your doc about a 7.5mg dose. The pills are 5 mg or 10 so usually they prescribe it in 5mg increments. My 70 year old Rheumy really like 7.5 as it usually works and is below the known amounts that casue adrenal issues (we are starting an Addisons community so I have been reading a ton on that issue) The pharmacy will cut the fives in half.

In any event if it is BP a jump is not something to mess with…

Thanks. I had my blood pressure tested quite a lot recently and so I don’t think it’s that. This is dizziness rather than lightheadedness in the main. I have had it in the past on occasion, and had meds for it back then - long before I got the arthritis. But this has gone on longer (perhaps because I’ve not been and got meds for it this time). That said, I’m better (although not 100%) today, and I do wonder if the arthritis in my neck (which isn’t good at the mo) is playing a part in it as well. I also realised that I’d forgotten to eat a proper meal when I took the steroids this time around, and that may be be part of it too. I’ll see how it goes over the weekend. Oddly, it seems fine as soon as I go out of the house. Perhaps someone is poisoning me!

How do you check for polonium?

Who needs polonium when you have PsA drugs! Although polonium might be an easy way out if this pain in my shoulder blade doesn’t go that I’ve had all week!

I’ve had severe dizziness twice now–not recently, tho. My doctor thought it was some crystals in my ears, and that’s about all I can tell you. You do these head maneuvers (sp), which has a name but I can’t remember what it’s called. I’ll try to find out.
I didn’t believe my doctor, but I think she was right. Anyway, the first time I had it the room was spinning in circles so fast I couldn’t stand up. My daughter took me to the doctor and she said I was walking like I was drunk!
Okay, I looked it up. It’s called vertigo and the maneuver is the “Epply maneuver”.

Thanks, Grandma. Oddly I’ve had it before years ago and I don’t remember that any conclusion was come to as to what was causing it. I will look up the Epply! On the plus side, it’s better today. I keep getting an odd “twinge” but then it goes. I am wondering if it’s related to my bad neck. The less that hurts, the less dizzy I get!

Roids screw with everything. I found that I had to drink a lot of extra fluids while I was taking them. They also screwed with my blood sugar badly.

Yes crystals in the ear - I was trying to think of that yesterday when I posted. Apparently a quick manipulation by a trained (in the crystals in the ear bit) physio can sort that without the need for any meds.

Nicer had dizziness that I know was related to steroids, but did have vertigo when I was having a flare and on them (and also since not on them). They do screw with your calcium metabolism, and the crystals are calcium phosphate, so who knows, I suppose there could be a link.

But if it’s vertigo, it’s easily fixed, the Epley manouvre almost always does it. I found it too hard to decipher on the internet and had to be shown, but I didn’t really know about YouTube then.

Sounds like witchcraft, but amazingly effective.

How is the heating system in your house? We had a carbon monoxide detector installed next to the woodturner in our last place, the guy said ‘don’t worry, it never happens’. The next day the alarm sounded. Gas fires and gas boilers are more of a risk I believe.

Regardless of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, I often don’t feel so good when we ramp up the heating keeping all windows and doors shut. Woozy, even more brain dead than usual etc. Possibly a bit dizzy too.

I don’t think I’m being poisoned. I’ve got a carbon monoxide detector in the flat anyway. Have to say that since I’ve been smothering my neck in volterol the last few days, and that has eased up a bit, the dizziness had got better. Not completely gone, but certainly better. I think the remainder is steroid-related. They are weird things. In one way you’re bouncing around the house, wide awake and lively, but on the other hand you never feel quite well on them either - not that looking like the Michelin man while on them helps! Those fat deposits in weird places stop me feeling comfortable. I know from the past that they disappear quite quickly, but I hate them all the same.

Doc put me back on 5mg prednisone a day until the Enbrel kicks in. The dizziness on sitting up or lying down is back.

Mine went after a couple of weeks, probably because I reduced the dose!