Prednisone causing extreme fatigue

I've been taken off of Mtx yesterday as it was not improving the Psa. I reluctantly agreed that a prednisone prescription with a very slow taper would bridge me until the time at which I get my Enbrel approved and start treatment with that. My main concern about prednisons was bp issues and edema, but today after the 20mg, I'm concerned about fatigue. Fatigue has been a shadow since last year off and on, but today though I must say it is at its worst ever. It is 1:40p and I am trying to get up and move around and get stuff done, but wow, my head and arms feel as though they're is filled with lead and I am nodding off sitting up. Is this the prednisone? Will this go away with repeated doses? I'm supposed to be on this for a month. This did not happen when I took a predi burst in the winter for asthma (I do not recall the dosage on that one though).

Adrenal suppression happens within 7 days so yeah it can be.........

I am on a low dose of Prednisone but yes, there are side effects on anything we put into our bodies. The question is, can I live with those side effects or with a worse prognosis? Prednisone gave me diabetes, which I am dealing with. I feel the way you feel. Some days it takes me up to 4 hours to get up from bed. Getting up from a chair takes time and effort. Doc says it's stiffness. It comes with the disease package, I hear.