Stelara - showing improvement

So I’ve been on Stelara since last april, 2018. After 3 shots I started to feel better enough to start moving around more. Also, was taking 5 mg prednisone until January this year. I am weening down .5 mg every few weeks. Can’t wait to get off it completely! I felt a plateau after the 4th shot and got worried because I wasn’t where I wanted to be. My rhumey said 24 months is when it will peak. So I am hopeful that I still have improvements to see before that mark, April 2020.

My joints still do hurt, not as terribly though. I seem to work them a little too much in an effort to exercise and stay active, especially wrists, shoulders, neck, lower back and a little on the knees and ankles. She tells me every time that the lower back and neck are osteoarthritis, but I’ve read that PsA does affect these areas.

I stretch almost every day after morning cardio workout. Not everyday though. It really hurts, but my muscles are loosening up. The joints don’t like to be stretched and they scream and complain.

How often do you stretch? Any tips you can give to make it less painful? I do it after cardio because I read you aren’t supposed to stretch cold muscles. I move slowly and breath into each stretch. I do a body scan each time and release where I find tension.

My radical diet shift has resulted in major weight loss which has improved my knee pain. Just can’t get the joints to get better, though.


I’m doing a gentle warm up stretch developed by arthritis Ireland. They have a little booklet that shows you all of them and a dvd. One thing I know from them is not to stretch into the pain zone.
I was on stelara as well! Good luck and I hope you’ll be flying it soon! :joy: