Spleen issues

Has anyone had problems with their spleen and or chronic tonsillitis? Is have had pain in my left side rib cage and upper abdomen. It feels full there and I am feeling very ordinary.

Some of the medications lower your immune system so when you catch something you catch it for a long time. If you have concerned about a specific symptom you might want to check it out with your primary doctor who will let you know if it's something to be concerned about.

I have done that, my enquiry was has anyone else experienced issues with their spleen related to the psa

I have issues with my spleen, but it is from ITP (bleeding disorder). It is also an autoimmune disease. The spleen filters the destroyed platelets and can become enlarged.

I think it would be possible with the PsA though, since the spleen is a part of the immune system. The dr can tell if it’s enlarged by feel. If you think it is enlarged you should get it checked. An enlarged spleen can rupture fairly easily and lead to internal bleeding. Hope you get it sorted soon. =)