Something different: can you help with Ben's project?

Dear PsA-ers

Ben’s Friends is working on a new feature which we hope will make it easier for our rare disease members to find the medical care they need. At the same time, we hope the new feature will enable our members to participate in medical research, while keeping their confidential medical data completely in their own control. If we can get this to work, it’s going to help a lot of people.

We need some people to test drive the first version of this new feature, and to give feedback to the developer. You don’t need to be a computer expert to test drive. If you are comfortable with the platform here, you should be OK to try it out and tell the developer what your experiences were.

If you’d be willing to try the new feature out, please drop us an email. In that email, tell briefly what your experience and skill level is with computers. (Eg I work in retail and I keep stock records on the computer. --Or – I don’t have any computer training but I managed to help my kids use the computer when they had to do school from home.)

Willing to give it a whirl? To be honest, this is completely new for us and we don’t know how long it’s going to take, but a couple of hours of your time would be a great start.

Thanks for considering this.

Ben, TJ and Seenie

Send us an email: (that way you can choose which email to use, and we have implicit permission to use it. We’re picky about privacy here!)

PS if you have questions, you can ask them by replying on this thread. That asks/answers them for other people too.

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Hi. I would be willing to give it a spin and make note of any issues I find for you. I have advanced computer, networking and cybersecurity skills.

Hey there, Kwestmo, thanks! Sounds like you have more than enough skills to do this job. Security and privacy is really important to us. In fact, that’s the reason I’m removing your name from the post. LOL

Could you send modsupport@bensfriends an email from the address you would prefer to use for this, so that we know that we have your permission to use it? At Ben’s we are really picky about privacy.

Thanks again


I’ll be a tester.