Can You Help Us Out?

As you may or may not know Bens friends actually sponsors over 30 communities like this one, as well as number of Face Books Sites. Our sites have grown to serve thousand of folks like you each month. With growth comes change. One issue that is facing us is we need to change our forum platform. We are getting great support financially from a number of our partners and we are trying to expand that base. One thing that would help is if you folks could go to and write a quick review. As we develop reputation and awareness, partner building becomes easier. Your reviews can really help. so you have a moment PLEASE visit the site and write a brief review. It will help us continue to help each other................

Done! Thanks for letting us know how to help! :)

Thanks for passing this along Lamb. I submitted my 5-Star review.

Your post reminded to make a donation to Ben's Friends and to choose Ben's Friends when shopping on - thanks !