Some Plastics and Fainting Spells

I am new to this site but have found a lot of useful information. And definitely a lot of support as this condition continues to impact new parts of my body. I was finally diagnosed in early 2007 and started treatment then. Since then, I have been surprised at how and what this disease does to your body. Especially since my psoriasis is mild.

I am trying to figure out if a new issue I am experiencing is related to psoriasis or not. There is a little back story to set this up. In December, I had major back surgery, where T10 through S1 vertebrae were fused to fix both failing discs and to fix scoliosis. 2 rods in place to hold everything together. The surgery went very, very well. I also have 2 cats and the litter pan is set up in my bathroom, which is a pretty good size for an apartment.

In addition to the black outs, my hands, feet and the tip of my tongue go numb and I get extremely nauseous.

Since the surgery, as I went to the bathroom, on multiple occasions, I would get extremely light headed and in a few cases I actually blacked out. When this originally happened, I assumed this related to the surgery and the medication I was on. However, it's been several months since the surgery and I have been having the same issues. I would have to have the bathroom door open to take showers and such in order to not black out and faint. I finally figured out that it might be the litter box so I moved it out of the bathroom and it made an immediate difference.

I ordered a new litter box (I am still not able to get out easily from the surgery and ordering online is still the easiest for me) and the new box is not giving me any grief.

As I sit here and type this on my laptop, I am nauseous, the tip of my tongue and the tips of my fingers are numb.

This only started after the surgery. And, I have been off of my arthritis meds since the surgery to allow for my back to heal and the meds would interfere with that.

Anyway, I wanted to post this to see if anyone else has experienced this, to determine if related to this lovely disease or not.

I would really appreciate any feedback or questions.

Please let me know. Thank you!

Wow … it sounds like you’ve been through a lot! It’s definitely worth a call to your doctor if you have any tingling and asap if you’re blacking out. It sounds more neurological to me, but I’m not a doctor. :slight_smile: