So, who painted the cat?

I sort of stopped drawing a couple years ago when my PsA was at its peak and I couldn't handle the pain of using a pencil or colored pencils for hours on end. I'm not the kind of person who can work in short spurts here and there--once I get started on something I don't like to stop, but having achy hands, wrists and throbbing fingers--not to mention the rest of my joints and tissues painfully cramping up--I couldn't do it anymore. About a year ago I spent a few hours finishing a portrait of a granddaughter I had stopped working on in 2014, but that's all I've done in 2 years!!!!

I really want to get started on something, but I'm not motivated enough. I certainly can't use pain as an excuse since being on Enbrel for the past 2 years!

Before PsA got the best of me I seemed to find time and motivation to always get things done--IDK if it's my age (almost 63) or I just need some sort of attitude adjustment, but I am not as motivated, even though I feel 80% okay (feet, shut up).

Anybody have some thoughts on lack of motivation or poor attitude due to PsA or possibly a SE from the meds/biologic?