Snap, Crackle, Pop! Why are my joints always popping?

My Psa joints are constantly popping and it hurts, not to mention embarrassing! Is this common with Psa or could it be a fallback from my athletic days? Merry Christmas everyone!

My PsA is very bad in my back, and yes it does snap, crackle and pop. Never had a back problem or injury before, but my lumbar spine looks like it's been chewed on.

I have lots of popping, it was mostly in my shoulders but has now progressed to just about every joint in my body; but it doesn't hurt.

Yep - lots of popping. Most of it doesn't hurt, except when I managed to dislocate both shoulders the other night ... but for some reason found it incredibly funny and was laughing hysterically while my husband was trying not to laugh and telling me it wasn't funny. I popped them back in, got up, and my knee popped incredibly loudly, causing me to laugh even harder. I figure I'd rather find the humor in my rice krispie joints than cry about them. ;)