Knee popping

I’ve had a swollen and very sore and painful right knee for thr past 3 months…I’ve now been on mtx for 2 months and I have seen some small results which have been welcomed, the swellong in my knee seems to have gone down in the past two days however its now popping when I walk or bend it s certain way not so much the noise but the feeling I’m not sure if its just because there’s less fluid build up in my knee or what but its kinda worries me a bit, has anyone else experienced this type feeling?

Yes…pretty consistently now with all my joints! This is what the rehab doctor told me about the noises and sensations:

Popping - generally caused by an inflamed tendon that is swollen and pops in and out of it’s grove…also sometimes felt as a mild pinging sensation.

Grinding - although sometimes caused by a true grinding because of a breakdown of cartilage, it’s also a common sensation to have when the fluid sac around the joint becomes inflamed because the liquid becomes thicker and more sticky.

Hope this helps…although he explained these specific to me I assume the cases would be the same for others with PsA.